You'll be committing suicide sometime this year to avoid the inevitable apocalypse that is December 21, 2012, amirite?

im tieng my noose right now actually

You would never be desperate enough that you would buy a hooker, amirite?

theres on their way over ashamed :(

Disney sounds like it will make all your dreams come true, but in the end, you always have to return back to your shit life, amirite?

disney basis their movies on my life

Name one proffesional cricket player...yea thought so. amirite?

im sure its full of excitement

Name one proffesional cricket player...yea thought so. amirite?
Camping is your favorite sport, amirite?

crack is my favorite snack

Whenever there is any sort of competition in movies, the main character either comes in first, second, or last, or it's a tie for first, amirite?

you practically listed all the places they could possibly come in

When you mix a powdered drink you stir it real fast to make a tornado! amirite?

*whirlpool just saying

If a pot of gold is at the end of a rainbow, you wonder what's at the other end, amirite?

a magical unicorn to take you to the other side of the rainbow

They call candy "Fun Size" because "Disappointing" doesn't fit on the wrapper, amirite?

They say the same thing about your penis -__-

Shower and bathtub sex is the best, amirite?
Guys: Your favorite way to pass time when you got work to do is to procrasterbate, amirite?

we always procrastinate this till the end of the day and then do it real quick

Jigglypuff is the most useless character in Super Smash Bros, amirite?

when you push upB....fuck is that

You have seen someone sticking their hand out the window of a moving car and moving it up and down like a fish swimming. amirite?

mines is more like a graceful mermaid

Tax cuts for the rich have been going on for years and got us into this recession in the first place. We need to tax the wealthiest Americans - especially those that outsource American jobs - and help small businesses grow American jobs and give tax cuts to Americans who actually need to spend it to get by, especially when they buy American made products, amirite?

someone shouldnt be punished cause they worked hard to be successfull