Camping is your favorite sport, amirite?

How the Hell is this 48 comments.

Shower and bathtub sex is the best, amirite?
Shower and bathtub sex is the best, amirite?

That explains Penn State.

Shower and bathtub sex is the best, amirite?
Tax cuts for the rich have been going on for years and got us into this recession in the first place. We need to tax the wealthiest Americans - especially those that outsource American jobs - and help small businesses grow American jobs and give tax cuts to Americans who actually need to spend it to get by, especially when they buy American made products, amirite?

where the hell is robin hood when you need him...

Easy way to save paper: Get rid of all dictionaries.... We. Have. Google. amirite?

I find this post offensive towards Amish people.

Special occasions must be decided based on how scared people are of things. Trees only get one day. Sharks get a week. Black people get a whole month, amirite?

today some black guy jumped out of his car and started walking at me...i nearly shit my pants

Guys: you can't wait until the moment when you propose, amirite?
@Puroboricua13 Is it weird that as a guy, I already have it all planned out? first shes going to go to a spa place all day, make...

your probly just gonna say fuck it when the time comes and just be like ayo lets get married and your gonna be at the gym

Pornstars must take the hugest dumps, amirite?
Old people usually like listening to the music that they grew up with, so it's gonna be pretty weird in 50 years when the elderly will be sitting around listening to heavy metal and hardcore gangster rap, amirite?

"Now little grandchildren.. Don't you know the old saying? Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me! Wait.. That's not right.."

My dad shouldn't have a girlfriend 2 months after his wife of 11 years dies. amirite?

A man's got needs.

Even though a majority of people may agree on a post, there always has to be some dum dum that clicks "no way" just to disagree, amirite?

I think this is an example of Irony.