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what the hell? what are you doing with your life? this is just pathetic. seriously, i don't listen to his music, but he's a singer. so what? i can't stand country but that doesn't mean i hold a hatred for all country singers; we have different tastes. not to mention the uses of words like 'fag' and 'retarded' make you seem ignorant.and the teenyboppers thing? yeah, we get it. young girls dig his music. so what? what, you want him to put an age limit on his fans? "hey, just because the majority of my fans are young girls everyone should hate me and i should just stop making tons of money and doing what i love."

the problem here is you. we get it. most dudes hate justin bieber. gtf over it. stop wasting yours, and everyone else's time obsessing about hating a kid you've never and probably won't ever meet.
get on with your life.

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rowanne rowanne

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this site is for posting opinions, i did that, and i dont need you trolling on me for what i think. what am i doing for my life? im at the best prep school in new york. what are you doing with your life? spending your time writing humongous comments on random peoples posts because you cant let it go. dont say i didnt let the whole beiber thing go, because i did. 1 post thats all. this site wasnt made for what you did. press red or green, and go away

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