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Do you own a gun?
Please post a song from your teen years suitable for slow, romantic dancing.
Do you like to go to Hooters?
I was formally counseled by my Manager for eating a carrot at work
Typo's. we all make them at times either out in forum or in PM , all it takes is a slip of the Finger and *whoops*. Are you the type of laid back individual who just accepts you've made a mistake or a Worrier ?
Can you ever have too much money?
Have you ever felt that you were being stalked online?
What's the most depressing sentence you've ever encountered?
In addition to the two birthdays already posted today, we have one more.   Let's all wish birthday wishes to a very special gentleman, Will_Janitor.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MAN!
Formaldehyde is just regular dehyd that wears a tuxedo. <strong>Amirite?</strong>
If your son came to you and told you he was gay, would you try to change him or try to throw women at him?
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I think I am going to quit my job and start selling oranges by the freeway. Ever had any crazy money-making ideas?
Lets talk about Political Correctness. Do you agree with it or are you like me and think it is doing way more harm than good ?

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