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<b>Everyone has desires. So...what do you most love spending your money on?</b> <em>Wrenches? Perfume? Food? Grass? I see houses full of stuff...bought by people - like you.</em>
Your teaching someone how to cook, what is one important piece of advice you would make sure to share?
Classroom Notes
Are you good at using Reverse Psychology on others?
🎼 Have you ever been completely baffled by song lyrics?  🎼
If you discovered a very close friend had murdered someone in self defence (it was kill or be killed) and then buried the body in the forest or dropped it in the local river , would you tell the police ?
Do you ever get the feeling the world is trying to tell you something?
Where is that UFO that dumped all these stupid people on Earth? :-):-)
31 Year Old Asks 89 Year Old Neighbor To Move In To Help Care For Her. He's Like The Grandson I Never Had.
30 Times teachers were way smarter than their students (read explanation)
Quick dessert choice, what's your favo<strong>rite?</strong>
This Woman Explains Why She Does NOT Support The Women's March. No pink pu*** hat for her. Bravo!
Happy February everyone....where did January go?
What you doing on Valentines Day?
Quiz: Could You Lead a Revolution?
If a friend told you She was going to try and get Pregnant without her boyfriends consent by stopping contraception or piercing the condoms  , would you tell the Man involved who is also a friend of yours and you know is by no means ready or willing to become a father ?
What is an odd fact about your locality?

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