Most Favourited Questions
Find out your friends' opinions
Post a song that you finally found after a long time looking for it.
How many dinosaurs do you know personally?
Stunning Natural Phenomenon That Will Leave You In Awe
Did you know you can break (ish) your ****? Yes... yes, you can. Here's one way that left a comedian's "Broken Bananah" bed bound. [click any one of three links]
Texas or California: If you had to relocate to either state for the rest of your life which one would you choose?
What Should The USA Do About The Syrian Chemical Attack?
What do you hate to be interrupted while doing?
Have you or anyone you know experienced ego death? Do you live freely? Are you a slave to the ego?
Who on here could you be for a RL...
Is Facebook in the spy business?
Are you hen pecked?   lol   Some men and women do exactly as their mates tell them to do, regardless of what they want to do, are you one of them?
Shocking Pictures
The last time you went on a swing or teeter-totter was <em>circa</em>:
To you, what's the most magical place on earth?
Do you get time-shifting on your exactly does it work?
What's the first thing you would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
What are you planning on doing when you retire
What's your idea of a dull evening?

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