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<b>Today - which one of these dwarves are you?</b> <em>Lusty, Sneaky, Gormless, Snookie, Sordid, Hopeful, Sucky, Happy, Listless, Sexy, Smoothy, Grouchy, Snooty, or Poopie?</em>
Should we tell the children the truth or are we just going to hide it from them in order to protect them from the "big bad world"?
<b>Which part of a face do you love best?</b>
Do you enjoy carousel rides?
Which trainable animal(s) do you suppose we can never fully trust not to suddenly attack us if agitated?
Paraprosdokians: Funny and clever - Give it a try!
<b>Any good "meeting stories"?</b> <em>Tell us how you met a lover...</em>
💋 Guys: Do you dress up before going on a date? 💋
Can you flash me your flashlight, please?
👺 Why are so many people paranoid? 👺
<b>Is it true that your children are sent to test you?</b>
There are some really great guitarists in this world, post some of your favs.
<b>Your partner of many years dies and you find out they had an affair.</b> <em>Your reaction might be...</em>
<b>Your mother finds out you are an FBI agent.</b>  <em>Would she be pleased or horrified?</em>
Which TV show will the gang on The Big Bang Theory never watch?

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