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17 weird foods of the world
Maude was a Marine!
The pyramids. What were they used for and how were they built?
You bought a clone of yourself as a baby from the clone store. Would you raise this spanking new "you" differently than your parents raised you?
If you give it your best effort would your warmest compliments or your coolest sarcasm have the more lasting effect on someone?
I hate gossiping it is always something negative about a person/s and can damage a human being!!!!!
Does your own reflection ever drive you mad by being an inconsiderate jerk?
I'M stubborn, but not ALL the time. Stubborn... Is it good or bad?  Have you ever loved and endured a stubborn, unyielding person?
Things to do when you win the lottery
If there is a "Devil" What do you think he would choose as his theme song?

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Is there anyone in your circle of friends who can pull off looking sexy in Walmart apparel?
When the hell did car stereos become reliant on your cell phone to work?
Do you think the people that scream about being oppressed in America, be it on YouTube, opinion websites, or letters to the editor; have any clue that they just demonstrated how much freedom they have?

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Think of something you do that's very enjoyable: what's better... the beginning or the end?
Do you believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows?
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How did famous assassins perceive Catcher in the Rye?
Ladies, If you were "with child" and glowing , and , after proudly showing me your ultrasound, I said your unborn child is not human and nothing but an insignificant clump of cell tissue, would you be offended?
Meet people love Disney moved there
If you could die without anyone finding out that it was on purpose would you die?

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