"Edit" is an Anti-folk/Indie rock song from Anti-folk singer Regina Spektor, released in the summer of 2006 on the album Begin to Hope. The line "You don't have no Doctor Robert/You don't have no Uncle Albert" references the Beatles' song "Doctor Robert" as well as Paul and Linda McCartney's 1971 hit "Uncle Albert". "Edit" was covered by British anti-folk band The Red Army.


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Have you ever had the slightest desire to rewrite the Bible? I have. I would've made it a lot more exciting. All of the elements are there. The "books" were just written by a bunch of pretty weird, boring people.
You are sick and tired of The Beatles because...

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Have you ever had a dream about having to choose, which one of your fingers you would, willingly, have to cut off for a greater purpose? I had such a dream last night and when I woke up, I was feeling quite disturbed.
🥞 Have you ever posted a Yelp review? (eat here if you want diarrhea. ~ me writing Yelp reviews.) 🥞
🍃Sometimes falling apart is good because it gives you an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you should have been all along. <em>amrite?</em> 🍃
<b>Men don't talk about their problems much online, amirite?</b> <em>Have you come to a point where you've accepted your inadequacies.</em>

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👙Just because you have nothing to hide doesn't mean you have to show anything either. <em>amirite?</em> 👙
☄️ Do you have a sixth sense? ☄️
💔 Have you ever broke someone's heart either intentionally or otherwise? 💔
✱ Don't you have a conspiracy theory you could be sharing on Facebook? ✱
Are you any good at photoshopping?
✵ If you have the balls to bring it up, then you should have the balls to defend what you said. Do you agree?  ✵
<b>Please name something with the wrong name.</b> <em>Blood oranges don't have blood in them...</em> <b>Or, something with misleading advertising.</b> <em>All day lipstick... Tee hee...</em>

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<b>Friends are great to have.</b> <em>Until they become needy.</em>

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Why do Trump's spokespeople always have to explain what Trump meant to say?
<em>Most posts aren't being paid enough attention;</em> an issue with Amirite's faulty Assembly line attitude of <b>bring-'em in and roll-'em out SOP.</b> <em>Please suggest solutions.</em>

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<b>The odd thing is: I might have about 8 people loving my comments...and then when I click on them...?</b> <em>I see maybe 1 upvote and 2 uploves. Is this a technological glitch?</em>

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