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Saying that she is selfish because she has 20 children is like saying that childless women are selfish because they are not sustaining population. Also, you can't base any thing on the fact that she miscarried, my mother miscarried 3 times before I came to be. It doesn't mean that she is selfish for trying again. Not to mention that adopting a child is a very long, difficult proccess, and isn't suitable for every person. Saying she is selfish for not adopting is like saying America is selfish for helping countries like Japan and Hati after their disasters, when we still have people suffering from our own disasters. If the children are happy, and to me, it seems that they are, then leave their mother alone.

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The majority of horse riders don't use spurs any more. A horse would have to do something drastic before most riders would cause a horse pain.

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Wow. Firstly I live in Utah. Secondly we're not all Mormon, I happen to be catholic. Thirdly I have family, and friends who are gay/lesbian, we aren't all homophobic.

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