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Only the ones that put the cheese on properly, though. If it's triangular, put every second bit upside down so that there is equal cheese coverage. I'm not wife-ing her if she creates unnecessary cheese overlap on my sandwich.

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I read that as "Damn, I'm right." Like, "Amirite? HELL YEAH I'm right! DAMN, I'm right! I am ON! Woo!"

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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Then that would make all Democrats terrorists. Ba dum tss...

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pantherfanatic pantherfanatic

Violet eyes are beautiful, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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Ew that eye is so unrealistic someone call Nacklefoodle so he can show this sad drawing up.

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Sergio Sergio

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Maybe they're not violent because they play these games -- maybe they play these games because they're violent. A guy with murderous tendencies isn't going to play My Little Pony. Someone with good mental health won't be persuaded to commit atrocities solely by a video game... There's obviously already something wrong there.

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TheLycanLady TheLycanLady

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Why did Sarah drop her icecream? Because she was hit by a truck.

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KatieKatie KatieKatie

In response to “Why did Sarah drop her icecream? Because she...

Why did Anna fall off the swing?
Because she had no arms.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Not Anna.

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BlacklightsAndQueens BlacklightsAndQueens

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I got one three days ago! Anyone wanna high five me on that? Okay...

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runnerdude runnerdude

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We've got to go back! Hand me the time turner! Excellent, now, by my calculations, if we're to go back to 1937, when tom turned 11, from the present time, 1980, with one hour's time reversal for each turn, we shall need to turn this timeturner a total of 464,280 times! Let's go!

One........Two........Three.........Four.........Five.......Six..........Seve- Oh, **** it! Let's just hope some prophesied chosen one comes along and takes him out or something.

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MrRite MrRite

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How are you going to talk about 2 Steves in one post......

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In response to “How are you going to talk about 2 Steves in...

Well a joke is like 2 stories you know. The first bit makes you make an assumption about something, in this case the assumption you make is you think the post is about Steve Jobs. Now the second part of the joke, also known as 'the punchline', you notice that the assumption you made was erroneous, suddenly revealing a fact which was previously conceiled. So I was talking about both Steve from Apple, and the crocodile hunter.

No problem at all it's lovely to help.

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StealthApple StealthApple

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No, that's me.

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SpelingChampien SpelingChampien

In response to “No, that's me.

No this is Patrick.

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They actually do... it takes a lot of math to predict the weather. QG-Omega Equations are used, Navier-Stokes equations are used.

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OnePenguin OnePenguin

In response to “They actually do... it takes a lot of math to...

I was referring to the man who stands there and points at random regions of the U.S while he tells us how hot it's going to be there. It's most likely up to other people to determine that, and make the forecast, but the actual weatherman who tells it to us on the news probably doesn't get that involved.
But I could be wrong, I'm bad with this stuff.

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TheChaikas TheChaikas

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