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My math teacher treats me like a piece of china, and assumes I have as much intelligence as one. It's just a service dog, Mr. Shwartz, my mind is fine.

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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It's a hard knock life? Do you know how many people would love to be in that situation? Those girls who hate on you for being beautiful and the guys who don't talk to
you aren't worth your time anyway. If I thought I was naturally beautiful like how you described I sure as hell wouldn't get upset about stuff like that.

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monika13 monika13

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I'm a girl. When I go out, my hair is never perfect and I don't care, I never wear any make up. I only smile when I feel like it. I rarely buy, let alone wear brand new shirts and I always wear the favorite sweaters. Hence the favorite part. Skinny jeans are torture devices meant to cut off the circulation in your legs, Uggs don't serve any purpose other than to be overpriced and impractical.

When I get home... I look exactly the freakin' same.

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(Moo.): Yeah, I'm gonna buy an island or a no-longer-in-use off shore oil rig, then start a counrty on it.

Here are some of my laws:
Murder is against the law. Anyone who is convicted of murder automatically gets life in prison, with a possible death penalty.
Rape is against the law. With a max of life in prison, no perol. <----Spelling?
Abortion is murder. Anyone who gets an abortion will be convicted of murder.
Anyone who does not have a crimminal record has the right to own firearms. This right shall never be taken away, and anyone who trys to take it away will be put in prison.
It's illegal to be gay.
It's illegal to have pre-marrital ****.
Practicing the religion of Islam is illegal, all other religions welcome.
For the first 12 years of this nation only Christians are allowed in. This will help form a sturdy Biblical foundation.

^You likey?^

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Amish_Allosaurus Amish_Allosaurus

In response to “(Moo.): Yeah, I'm gonna buy an island or a...

Its pretty funny that you are talking about starting a christian nation dictated by christian laws yet welcoming other religions. Then its **** hilarious that you would punish someone for taking away ones rights to fire arms, but you are sooo comfortable with taking away other peoples rights.

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(Moo.): Anything the Bible says is a sin should be illegal. Except tiny things like disrespecting yo parents, they can dicipline you for that.

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Amish_Allosaurus Amish_Allosaurus

In response to “(Moo.): Anything the Bible says is a sin...

If you want to live in a theocratic country move to one.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

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Here's a novel idea blame the people that do the stupid things not random other people don't blame Sarah Palin for using a symbol that resembles cross-hairs (even though it isn't) and don't blame artists for creating things that contain violence. People need to stop passing the blame and take some freaking responsibility for their own actions.

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In response to “Here's a novel idea blame the people that do...

The post is just saying that those people are hypocritical.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

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