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Id do it.. You never said school was gonna be in session...

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It pisses me off when people act like rugrats was the ** pinnacle of human achievement. As someone who doesn't have a huge nostalgia ** for 90's nickelodeon, I don't enjoy watching those shows at all now.

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happyyay happyyay

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birds.....please don't laugh at me :(

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In response to “birds.....please don't laugh at me :(

hahahahahahahaha chirp chirp hahahahahahahaha

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All the new ones are garbage. And unnecessarily violent...

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Synesthesia Synesthesia

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The animation got all weird, Spongebob turned girlish and even more annoying so now everyone hates him, Patrick turned into a complete retard that shows up out of nowhere all the time, Sandy got turned into a background character that got her last name changed to Squirrel for no reason, Mr. Krabs only talks about money now, the writers try to make jokes with talking inanimate objects that are never funny, most of the plots are unoriginal and unfunny, and the show has disgusting moments for no reason all the time now. I love seasons 1-3, but the new ones are just unbearable.

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Sometimes there's not a reason at all. Is there a reason that million of kids are born with diseases that will kill them before they reach adulthood? don't think so...The new motto of life should just be "shit happens"
Cause nothing ever happens for a reason, it just happens.

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soberlikekesha soberlikekesha

In response to “Sometimes there's not a reason at all. Is...

a "reason" doesn't mean everything is fair. kids are born with diseases because their cells mutate in gestation, etc. not good reasons, but reasons nonetheless

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Joe_Larson Joe_Larson

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