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I read that there was a company and they couldn't think of what to call it. Until the CEO, eating an apple, said as a joke 'If you don't have a name for next week I'm going to just call it Apple!

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BobWilson BobWilson

In response to “I read that there was a company and they...

What company was that?

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You're currently arguing with a guy who thinks all drugs should be legal. So I really don't care about that argument.

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kerouac kerouac

In response to “You're currently arguing with a guy who...

Please join a debate team. Not because you'd win, but because it'd be hilarious.

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LinksLegionaire LinksLegionaire

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Go sit in the corner and think about what you said.

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zoegoesrawr zoegoesrawr

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And to make jokes about how dumb Americans are to make up for their own incompetence is European.

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death_or_glory death_or_glory

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You sound like an Asian guy telling me what to do.

"You pick up trash!"
"You no stay 4 hours!"
"You show up to school naked for 1 million dollars!"

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Serg Serg

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I can just see the headlines "Santa Claus and reindeers promotes Meth." Followed by a banning of the use of Santa Claus in the media and the congress voting Christmas a vegetable.

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BurnyBurn BurnyBurn

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Drake: What's your bucket doing on my door?
Megan: What's your door doing under my bucket?

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EpicFlameSword EpicFlameSword

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I'm from North Dakota...but yeah, we got nothing important going on up here. We have 3% unemployment though.

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LamWin LamWin

In response to “I'm from North Dakota...but yeah, we got...

Wow! Only three people in North Dakota are unemployed!

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When Japan was nuked, at least the world got Godzilla out of it. What did America contribute besides crappy benefit songs and documentaries?

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shorkian shorkian

In response to “When Japan was nuked, at least the world got...

Well my house climbed 2 spots in the world's tallest building ranks.

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StealthApple StealthApple

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No. They can be horrible to run with. And sleep on your stomach with. Stupid **** >:/

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LegalAlien LegalAlien

In response to “No. They can be horrible to run with. And...

With great power comes great responsibility.

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Rocky Rocky

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