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"It kind of ruins it when people post rude or mean comments for no reason."

There is always a reason. It's because they think you're a goddamn idiot and want to express that opinion worry-free. You goddamn idiot.

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TheMisogynist TheMisogynist

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It is easier to adapt than it is to try and reverse an action.

I believe following directions in school is a good thing, don't you think? Those who don't follow teacher's directions, especially at a young age, are likely to do more poorly in academics.

Popularity contest? You mean kinda like in the business world when a well-known brand (e.g. Nike) sells at higher prices because it's name attracts more customers? Every business wants to get to that top stop where it's name is known across the world, so it is just like a popularity contest where kids want to get their name known across the school. They have to win the contest...

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I'm just trying to picture how you could get away with that in a social situation without seeming like a douche. "Oh, you like a band that I knew about before? LET ME JUST SHOW YOU MY ITUNES SONG DATES REAL QUICK."

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rowanne rowanne

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