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I thought chase was a game that little children played on the playground?

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Exploding_Chickens Exploding_Chickens

In response to “I thought chase was a game that little...

I thought chase was the smoking hot doctor on House

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deeviant deeviant

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You hate when you make the bus because you were able to text so quickly, but everyone makes fun of you because you're gay and scrawny and have no friends, and you begin to contemplate suicide, and someone stops you saying your life will get better, but it doesn't, and you feel like an idiot for believing that person, so you take your gun and start shooting all the popular kids at school because they symbolize everything you don't have, and that only makes you feel worse...

...But then you find five dollars!

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Shadi Shadi

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This POTD is **** and should burn in hell for all of eternity is not that great.

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Shun Shun

In response to “This POTD --is **** and should burn in hell...

I don't understand why people keep saying stuff like this. The POTD is fine; it's always fine. I mean look at this one. It has over 600 as a score, and over 20 loves. That's not bad for a post, when they are usually like 100 or 200. Would you rather have one that has +1000, that everybody has already seen and loved? I'd rather be exposed to posts that I might not have seen before, but are still funny and original. And if you don't like this particular one, oh well, you'll have to wait one day to get a new one. Besides, Anthony can't make everyone happy. It'd be like trying to choose one ice cream flavor for a group of a 100,000 people. There are bound to be several that aren't happy. These comments just ruin whatever pride someone gets when they get POTD. If I ever get one, I wouldn't want someone putting it down just because they aren't completely satisfied with it. It would make me feel bad about my own accomplishment. And if you ever want a specific post to be the post of the day that fits your high standards, there's even a button for it on every post. Just try to lighten up.

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lonely_jew lonely_jew

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I'm overweight, and I love how they look on me and have gotten compliments on how I look in them... I mean, I'm not like... 85-million-pound-woman-on-scooter-buying-cat-food-at-Walmart obese, but I'm far from skinny.

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adiosToreador adiosToreador

In response to “I'm overweight, and I love how they look on...

HAHAHAHAHA. I love your description as "85-million-pound-woman-on-scooter-buying-cat-food-at-Walmart"
Made me lol.

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Rainboots Rainboots

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HAH! im on my phone! you cant trick me!

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In response to “HAH! im on my phone! you cant trick me!

Hold the off button on your phone. It's a shortcut to youtube

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RileyTheBear RileyTheBear

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they do where im from... it means that the sky is the limit even though there are footsteps on the moon... coz the sky is endless... and there are some ppl who argue by saying the moon is after the sky so its not the limit... never mind if you dont get it..

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epic_facepalm epic_facepalm

In response to “they do where im from... it means that the...

Not every sentence must end with an ellipsis.

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^^^^^ GAH! That's just the thing! You can't STOP teens from having **. You can advise them not to, but when it comes down to it, teenagers have been having ** for AGES.
So it's all fine and dandy to teach them about abstinence, and many will take a vow of abstinence, but many do not. So it's better to teach them what to do in case the situation arises than just pretend it's not going to happen.

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Shugah Shugah

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Everyone that agrees with this gets banned for being underage.

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Rebel Rebel

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Which annoys me to no end. They're not hurting anyone by being married to more than one person. People just have problems wrapping their tiny, pathetic little minds around the idea, but stand up for gay marriage even though most of the same arguments can be used for each.

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adiosToreador adiosToreador

In response to “Which annoys me to no end. They're not...

you know why I think some people think like that? Those people are the same ones who bullied others in middle school....They are the same ones who always wait to see what others pick before going with majority.... They are scared of having an opinion and they always follow what the media tells them.... In short they are blinded and they can't see further than their nose.

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Maidenfan666 Maidenfan666

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