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It takes more effort to believe in something than nothing.

It's ignorant to group several billion people as all believing in "fairy tales". I am sure that millions of those, such as myself, have spent not weeks, or months, but YEARS studying and questioning and proving their beliefs to themselves.

This includes examining other belief systems like evolution.

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Perpetual Perpetual

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Oh xD well your post reminded me of a conversation me and some friends were having about how sometimes without war everyone would pretty much lose and horrible people wouldn't be able to be stopped & I think people don't comprehend that

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In response to “Oh xD well your post reminded me of a...

You don't wanna ** with Shady. Coz Shady will **ing go to war with you.

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Chiff Chiff

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Mine was disposable underwear. When I told my friend, laughed and said, " mean diapers?"

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"Come on, it's not like stealing cereal from little kids," -Trix Rabbit

"I'll say!" - Chip the Cookie Crisp wolf (dog?)

"You think that's bad? Try PROTECTING the cereal FROM the kids," - Lucky the Leprechaun

"At least kids like eating your cereal..." -Raisin Bran guy

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**** this "Anthony", no one wants to hear about your retarded low IQ friends.

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In response to “**** this "Anthony", no one wants to...

Your mom goes to college.

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The only explanation is that Anthony went back in time and fathered himself.

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white_knight_faggot white_knight_faggot

In response to “The only explanation is that Anthony went...

..He obviously used the time macne ;)

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There IS evidence for God. For example, if you just look at the anatomy of an eye, how the heck could that just RANDOMLY appear and function the way it does? Only God could design a world like ours with all the plants, animals, and humans. Sadly, many are ignorant and just don't want to be held responsible for their actions at the end of the day. Go ahead and thumbs down, your beliefs aren't my business, just between you and the Creator of all things.

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God is real if someone comes from the future, God is not real if nobody comes from the future. We made the time machine also we were first than the future, amirite?

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In response to “Translation: God is real if someone comes...

And yet somehow it STILL doesn't make sense.

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Nine women drivers taking up only 18 spaces?! Whomever taught those women should be given a commendation of the highest order and have his name written in all the history books for making great strides in increasing the safety of all humanity!

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MrRite MrRite

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I thought I should tell you that "crayons" and "alcohol" are not verbs.

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I beg to differ for I crayon and alcohol frequently.

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Guess you've never seen the power of prayer. What a shame.

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In response to “Guess you've never seen the power of prayer...

A thousand people can pray for my orgasm, but nothing works like a pair of hands!

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saturnlite88 saturnlite88

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We've had this argument like five times before. All the mind-**** Christians will never stop pushing their views down our throats, so just don't bother arguing back. Let them do whatever they want.

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Mike Mike

In response to “We've had this argument like five times...

.......Are you kidding me? Atheist do it more then anybody else on this website.

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Handsy Handsy

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