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i work at a subway. reading all these sub orders made my brain twitch a little.
there are a few regulars who always get the same thing, and all the employees memorize the sammich.

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barooke barooke

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Not so sure about the new people this season, but I think that each cast member is funny individually. Bill Hader, Kristen Wiif, Bobby Moynihan, Andy Samberg... they just have really lame skit ideas :/
Oh, and Nasim Pedrad has lots of potential.

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barooke barooke

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Yes, it's gross... but dog's saliva *does* have antiseptic qualities. I don't kiss my hand soap dispenser on the "mouth" either; antiseptic or not, ew is still ew. My cats and I bump noses instead; I call them kittykisses.

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Black_No_1 Black_No_1

In response to “Yes, it's gross... but dog's saliva *does*...

I love rubbing faces with my cat. It's a special moment.

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barooke barooke

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Yeah sometimes. My dad is a cop and people unnecessarily slow down and be overly cautious, but he's used to it.

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barooke barooke

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True. I know this is very true in my hometown, which has three colleges. People won't come if there isn't a beer pong table set up, at the very least.

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barooke barooke

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