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I agree with this post, but one of my friends messed around with my girlfriend which caused our whole group to split apart. This post has a lot of truth to it but it isn't true in every case.

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I have been debating whether or not to post this for the last few weeks, and I see you took the initiative where I have not, and for that sir I tip my hat to you.

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I'm sure it was a good show (never watched it) but come on! You'd think they'd be smart enough to cut down some trees, make a boat, take peoples shirts and make a sail! Was not worth the time slot that could've been given to a GOOD show.

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It wasn't as simple as that, they tried at the end of the first season but the Others destroyed their raft because Jacob (the "god" on the island) needed them to stay.

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colonel is pronounced "kernal" and sean ( it's the gaelic spelling) is pronounced "shawn"

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ooooooh, ok i got it now

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How was it wonderful? Please enlighten us.

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In response to “How was it wonderful? Please enlighten us.

She isn't talking about "The Last Airbender" the movie, she's talking about the TV show on Nick that the movie was based on. That show was really good but the movie is completely destroying its image.

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