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I thought they put thru to appeal to their uneducated customers

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BigTRex BigTRex

In response to “I thought they put thru to appeal to their...

"Hey Betty.. What's that word right there? Drive.. Therouh?"
"I don't know Mike, I think it's one of those fancy people words."

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amiritesucksnow amiritesucksnow

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Everyone likes different things and has a different shape and people should stop putting each other down by saying one is better than the other. As long as you're a healthy weight and body fat, you're fine. If you aren't, then gain or lose weight and workout so that you are, but don't think you're worthless because you have a problem. Everyone has problems. I hate these posts. They perpetuate the idea that it is okay for guys to judge our value based on physical appearance. Why not? We do it to each other. I don't see any posts on here that say girls don't want to date short dudes or dudes with a small **. Why is okay for us to post that guys don't like skinny girl, heavy girls, girls with small/big ** or a certain color hair?

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This reminds me of a joke.
A man finds a bottle on the beach and opens it, releasing a genie who offers him three wishes, but with one catch. Every time he wishes for something every lawyer in the world will receive twice as much. The man thinks this over for a few moments, then smiles and nods.
For his first wish he wishes for a vast fortune, and every lawyer immediately has a fortune twice as fast. Then he wishes for a beautiful car, and every lawyer immediately has two. "You have one wish left," the genie tells him. The man grins. "You know, I've always wanted to donate blood."

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

In response to “This reminds me of a joke. A man finds a...

"Alright," says the genie, "but I'm not sure how to measure TWO bloods. Usually people donate blood a pint at a time. Is that what you meant?" The man looks perplexed by himself, and he responds disappointedly, "I guess so..." After the man's wish comes true, lawyers around the world are all accredited for their united effort to supply blood to those in need. Cures for diseases which were previously believed to be incurable are vaccinated, and the man who met the genie later goes home to his miserable, genie-less life. The end.

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Shadi Shadi

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[Politicians should] have to wear patches like race car [d]r[i]v[e]rs, so we know who their corporate sponsors are, [amirite?]

subliminal messaging!
OP is sneaky (d)

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “[Politicians should] have to wear patches...

[P]oliticians should have to w[e]ar patches like race car drivers, so we k[n]ow who the[i]r corporate [s]ponsors are, [amirite?]

Damn this OP is a genius.

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amiritesucksnow amiritesucksnow

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And whoever did the crime is a slime, which is why we call the slugs

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In response to “And whoever did the crime is a slime, which...

Oops I mean we call *them slugs
Get it? Slugs =thugs?
there're thugs but that didnt go with slime sooo yeah slugs

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or the guy who had his car stolen files a police report. the police find his car totalled. his insurance covers the damage. his rates go up and his pathetic life sucks a little bit more.


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dukeitoutxx dukeitoutxx

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The Laws if Facebook:
1. You must post pictures of yourself either "having fun" with friends or in the bathroom mirror (and the odd occasion where you can do both.)
2. You must never and I repeat NEVER use proper grammar or capitalization. EVER.
3. You need to post at least one status everyday with song lyrics.
4. It is necessary to attempt at sounding deep, but tragically fail.
5. You need tell everyone how you are a photogropher after you take a black and white picture.
6. You have to complain about the new Facebook layout.
7. Last, and most importantly, you must ALWAYS have more friends than everyone else. It doesn't matter if you know them JUST.SEND.THEM.A.REQUEST.

Follow these rules and you are sure to fit in on Facebook!

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Clementines Clementines

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Pfft, i never used "lol" to begin with. When i find something funny on the internet, i say "my dear friend, your humorous tale is most delightful" and then they don't talk to me anymore.

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WolfeDeWary WolfeDeWary

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I always imagine the person typing saying their statement with a blank face, and then waiting a second or two, and suddenly getting a huge goofy grin on their face. Like they have an extremely slow reaction time or something

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PartyPat PartyPat

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Coldplay is one of the best bands that exists today. You say you'd rather listen to modern pop culture? Please. -.-
Before you assume Coldplay is just another band that was rarely featured in our music industry with today, give other songs a try. Maybe you've only heard "Viva La Vida" and didn't like it. Chill. It's not their best song. Listen to the entire Parachutes album, then a Rush of Blood to the Head, then X&Y, then finally Viva La Vida or Death and all His Friends; with an open mind. Then you can hopefully get a new opinion. Otherwise, you have no taste in music. What a shame!

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I think you clinked the wrong website. This is AMIRITE, not Sickipedia. This would fit in fantastically there though (smile)

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shelbybuckffs shelbybuckffs

In response to “I think you clinked the wrong website. This...

Clinked. Clinked. Clinked.

Oh, sorry guiz, just walking around in mah suit of armor.

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I feel very personally betrayed when I find out that one of my favorite posts was unoriginal. So, if it's not too much trouble, OP, I'd would like you to write the following message on the profile of everybody who YYA'd or favorited this post:

"I apologize for making you think that I had come up with an original thought. My post was completely and utterly stolen from a TV show, because I am the type of horrible, inconsiderate person who takes pleasure in passing other people's clever thoughts as my own. Again, I thoroughly apologize and can only hope that one day I won't be such a despicable person".

And on Anthony's profile, I'd like you to write this message:

"Dear Anthony, as punishment for the heinous crime of blatantly stealing a post of mine from SNL and attempting to pass it off as one of my own, I would like you to 1) Choose a different POTD as I clearly do not deserve this honor and 2) Use your internets skills/hax to block my computer from accessing any website on the internet. Rather, simply make my computer constantly display the error message 'You are a sad, unoriginal excuse for a person.' Thanks!".

Or you could just credit SNL in the comments, that works too...

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Admiral_Beena Admiral_Beena

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Yes. Because that is exactly what I meant...

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greatrande greatrande

In response to “Yes. Because that is exactly what I meant...

I kind of wonder what the mindset of the people who vote on these comments is.
"I will never answer my phone the same again."
"Youll be using your feet to pick it up from now on"
"Hahaha, that's pretty good too! +18!"
"Yes. Because that is exactly what I meant..."
"WHAT THE ****?! What's wrong with this guy?! -4! To hell with yee!"

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Captn_Awesome Captn_Awesome

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