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Next thing you know they're going to be going "Erm meh gerd! Look at tha way the light hits mah fethaz I'm so pretty everybody look at me!" instead of "quack quack".

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deeviant deeviant

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Not to mention those unlucky bastards that get killed by drunk drivers. Who needs them?

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In response to “Not to mention those unlucky bastards that...

Not realising that us non-Americans do not insist on adding a 'z' to every word instead of an 's' DOES make you stupid.

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deeviant deeviant

As a kid, you were musically gifted on this instrument, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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I cannot express my love enough for this post so here's my face when I first saw it, YYA'd it and yadda yadda.

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

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Religion is a lot more passionate than a diet. People don't think that their diet will affect them in the afterlife. And watching someone eat a donut will make you crave sweets while allowing gay marriage wont make you gay.

They're not comparable.

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pb55020 pb55020

In response to “Religion is a lot more passionate than a...

Of course they're comparable. It is none of your business to get mad at someone for making decisions about who they marry just as much as its not your problem if they eat a doughnut or not. Both have an equal amount of influence on your life = none.

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deeviant deeviant

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Yeah I never understand those people who beat their marijuana up behind closed doors and then claim that it fell down the stairs. That shit is f*cked up man.

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deeviant deeviant

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