Never trust a poor clairvoyant that hasn't won the lottery a few times, amirite?
If we're the primitive, uncontacted tribe, UFOs are helicopters just flying around, incomprehensibly. amirite?

fuck yeah … it isn't anti gravity but it sure looks like it

You have pushed aside your soulmate over yet another minor disagreement. This time it's final. You feel relieved, vindicated, as sure as can be in your heart for making this decision, amirite?

or you could be bitter for settling.. either way it doesn't feel right .
but I know the end to this story when you use words like "minor disagreement " and "soul mate "

As the Trump Turns, amirite?
@No, he is not the most corrupt person to ever sit in the Oval Office. That was Obama.

I guess you're OK with genocide for profit then.
Or do you actually believe Trump pulled troops because he wants to end war.

Never ask a girl her age. Especially catgirls. They have claws! amirite?

im sorry your too young to be a super hero

As the Trump Turns, amirite?
As the Trump Turns, amirite?
Apple pie tastes really good but the texture is nasty amirite?
Apple pie tastes really good but the texture is nasty amirite?
Apple pie tastes really good but the texture is nasty amirite?

Apple pie does taste really good and the texture seems fine to me...but the texture of grits and/or oatmeal porridge spontaneously triggers my gag reflex.

When a guitarist and a bassist approach and play just in front of each other, that's just musicians frotting, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut Google it

Thanks now i have to erase some history. As the OP you should define words no one actually uses so people dont have to close their app, open a browser, type and read, close that, and reopen this app.

Y is you, are you. Porn, amirite?

I've eaten at the Y...and I've also gotten several redwings.

Fire breaths, eats, and grows—maybe if it were allowed to burn long enough, it would become self-aware too. amirite?

Maybe it already is.
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Potatoes get a bad rap by being associated with laziness and ineptitude, but they're basically the same as all other vegetables in those regards, amirite?

It's not the potato that's being criticized, nobody expects a potato to be active, that would be nightmarish.

If humans are such social creatures why are we all so lonely, amirite?

And why do we kill each other?