+17 The chances of Real Estate's price drastically falling is almost the same as of a natural catastrophe happening. amirite?

by Anonymous 3 hours ago

+11 The WWE is the most successful theater troupe in history. amirite?

by Fun-Adhesiveness9388 3 hours ago

+15 No amount of physical attractiveness can make up for a terrible personality. amirite?

by Different_Gur 3 hours ago

+23 Emergency bunkers are emergency entrances. amirite?

by Ykub 4 hours ago

+20 The English were so successful at colonization, random people still feel obligated to point out the Scottish and Welsh had cooler flags and national animals than them. amirite?

by Anonymous 4 hours ago

+13 The day guitars were invented was coincidentally the same day guitarists were invented. amirite?

by floyd71 4 hours ago

-2 Improve your health by existing in a room that's intentionally hard to exist in. That's how a sauna works. amirite?

by Anonymous 4 hours ago

+22 You have to wipe two times to know you need a third, but need to wipe three times to know you only needed two, amirite?

by Ok_Bar 4 hours ago

+7 We can't teleport things but.. amirite?

by Square_Caramel 4 hours ago

+12 AliExpress is better than Alibaba, amirite?

by Anonymous 5 hours ago