If other species of humans still existed, species-ism would have probably been a thing. amirite?
There is no middle ground with a moustache, you either look really cool, or really creepy. amirite?
@Milkzey No, but the threat of pubic shame took care of that....

Without pubic shame the world would be a very different place.

Watching porn is kinda gay cuz you're getting off to another dudes dick, amirite?
@KilljoyX Also gay

"From a certain point of view" -Obiwan

Someone could make a DNA ancestry service that gave everyone's results as "100% African" and they'd technically be right.

Mutations and genetic drift exists, so not exactly.

Florida is probably so insane because its initials, FL, are a combination of F in the chat and taking an L, amirite?

No, it's the heat. It fries your brain. And the humidity, it'll make anyone insane living with it day after day. (I'm a Floridian)

It's possible that bugs will one day outnumber humans. amirite?

They already do

Porn is merely dogging for lazy people, amirite?

Handy man

We would probably see more four leaf clovers if we didn't pick them for being different, amirite?

Feel free to come weed my lawn then. I have a ton of them I just keep mowing over.

So many people are dying to meet Death. amirite?

These are trying times

No matter how bad of a person you are, you'll always see yourself as the good guy. Your conscience will always have some sort of justification that'll prevent you from perceiving yourself as bad. amirite?

wrong i'm a bad guy i committed a war crime

The easier it is go to down something, the harder it is to go up it. amirite?

Laughs in ski lifts

Not counting suits or outfits, star wars only has one black human in each trilogy. amirite?

They also had aliens. Skin color is stupid to argue about.

The easier it is go to down something, the harder it is to go up it. amirite?
@Highvaluedaygame This applies to sledding hills, sure, but not elevators.

I mean it does take more energy for the elevator to go up then to go down since we have gravity

As a toy for kids, Lego is surprisingly painful. amirite?
@Unaviable Oh I agree, but children are their target audience.

Not at all lol, there are boxes with 16-99, and I think people with the age of 16 aren't really children anymore, they only have less responsibilities then a average person

The only people who don't hate flies are deaf people. amirite?

Thanks I hate this.