You know your into math if you look at # and see a number sign, you know your into technology if you look at # and see a pound sign, and you know your into music if you look at # and see a sharp symbol. amirite?

this can be interpreted too may different ways. I see C# as in the programming language, but I also see C# the music note. I don't see how # (pound sign) means technology though, unless you are talking about twitter. :/

If you have the right to smoke and ruin my lungs, then I have the right to ruin your ear drums with my air horn, amirite?
@DDasia Breathing in cigarette smoke for half a millisecond, when you leave the house 3 times a year isn't going to ruin...

this is why its a problem. because people think that it's nothing. if everyone does this, it adds up pretty fast; the aggregated effect of thousands of people smoking isn't just half a millisecond. and like the comment below me, lots of crowded areas on college campuses are getting ruined by smokers, in my opinion.

"Every man has his price" is a bad thing to say to a black person, amirite?
@griffs28 You know...cause of the whole slavery thing.

i guess i just dont think in terms of slavery anymore. it was quite some time ago and i feel that there is just no need for it to be brought up all the time. but i agree with the person above me, its a dickish thing to say to anyone.

my friend said his sister went on the show. you "apply" to get on the show. then just make it look like you were walking on the side of the street.

"Every man has his price" is a bad thing to say to a black person, amirite?

why is this especially bad to say to a black person? i don't get it...

when you're clearly upset about something and you're boyfriend asks how he can help, it just makes your day, amirite?

I hope he is helping your grammar. o.O

If president Obama converted water into wine, Fox news would call him an alcoholic, amirite?

now on the opposite end of the spectrum, i wonder what nbc would say... lol

You pride yourself in how fast you can type, amirite?

too bad i only type around 60... damn haha

Cloning would harm people, not benefit them. amirite?
@So we should create a human being and then steal their organs?

too bad you don't know how the actual process works. :(

Adds on websites bug you, but the ones that flash and having moving objects in them bug you the most, amirite?
When your sick and you go to the doctors, you dont talk, your mum does all the talking, amirite?
@Palindromes_Are_Fun I'm not criticizing your grammar; I don't care about that. I care about the fact that you criticize somebody about...

Wow. You are so stuck-up that you can't even admit that you are wrong. If correcting my grammar is not criticizing it, then I don't know what the world has come to haha. I bid good day to you; this has gone on long enough.

In 1980, there were about 40,000 women who died of Breast Cancer. In 2010, there were about 39,800 women who died of Breast Cancer. I guess painting sports equipment pink isn't working... amirite?

I don't think you understand the idea of funding and capital or how to acquire either of them.

If you don't understand all of the jokes then you are too young to watch the movie, amirite?

what about all of the esoteric jokes that many films have nowadays?

It's stupid for anyone to only tell their friend what they want to hear. Maybe if everyone got knocked down a few levels every once in a while people wouldn't have such an undeserved sense of self righteousness when they fuck up. So start telling your friends when you think they're being a twit amirite?

There's a fine line to this though. I wouldn't go walking around telling my friend he/she is a dumb ass. I'm not saying to lie either, but sometimes more eloquent phrasing is needed.

When your sick and you go to the doctors, you dont talk, your mum does all the talking, amirite?
@Palindromes_Are_Fun An acronym has to be in all caps. It'd be STFU. I just find it funny that you're complaining about somebody's...

I happen to find it very funny that you are now criticizing me for the exact same thing you defended the original poster about. Just where do your intentions lie?