As a rule, boys are closer to their mothers and girls are closer to their fathers. amirite?
You can't wait to read JK Rowling's new book, whenever she actually gets around to finishing it, amirite?

what new book???????????

In 1980, there were about 40,000 women who died of Breast Cancer. In 2010, there were about 39,800 women who died of Breast Cancer. I guess painting sports equipment pink isn't working... amirite?

I don't think you understand the idea of funding and capital or how to acquire either of them.

When your sick and you go to the doctors, you dont talk, your mum does all the talking, amirite?

your sick what? or do you mean you're? haha

agreed. this post is fucking stupid

Using someone's last name instead of their first either means that they respect you, or couldn't care enough to remember your first name. amirite?

when there are too many people with the same first name...

What's the point of cleaning my room? I'm the only person in the God damn place, amirite?
@dicky who cares? their the only one in the place

ya but i dont like living like slob. i like having a clean room and having things organized. i know all people aren't like that but id feel like mot people wouldnt want some kind of mess for a room.

"Every man has his price" is a bad thing to say to a black person, amirite?
@griffs28 You know...cause of the whole slavery thing.

i guess i just dont think in terms of slavery anymore. it was quite some time ago and i feel that there is just no need for it to be brought up all the time. but i agree with the person above me, its a dickish thing to say to anyone.

If president Obama converted water into wine, Fox news would call him an alcoholic, amirite?

now on the opposite end of the spectrum, i wonder what nbc would say... lol

7:00 okay five more minutes, (10 seconds later) 8:30 WHAT?! amirite?

story of my life right here...

Girls should take more initiative in relationships, it shouldn't be expected for the girl to sit pretty until the guy makes the first move, amirite?
If you don't understand all of the jokes then you are too young to watch the movie, amirite?

what about all of the esoteric jokes that many films have nowadays?

Life is like a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense, amirite?

I feel like the further I get along the more confusing things get. Think about it. When you're a kid everything seems so simple. There are no needs to worry about anything really, seeing as how your parents do everything for you. As you grow up, you take those responsibilities and even later you take on more responsibilities when you have kids yourself and need to provide for them. The more complicated things get, the more room for uncertainty.

Tom Brady is the pretty boy of the NFL, amirite?

lol not with his current hair style he's not!

Adds on websites bug you, but the ones that flash and having moving objects in them bug you the most, amirite?