Or the character has two places to be so (s)he hilariously excuses him/herself to the bathroom every five minutes and rushes off to the other place.

Didn't like Cars 2

Time got mixed up. Interesting theory.

Probably because it was so covered in Greece that you were craving something Sweden chocolately to compliment Italy-ttle.

This post is almost too gay to function.

How nice of Bella to love him despite that flaw. Also, he was a werewolf.

It's kind of a wonder that no one ever let's it slip out

Border-jumping 101

@YeahIAm Read the post again... the post really isn't related to this. I'm simply stating that every claim religion makes is...

Every claim religion (and the post is talking about Abrahamic religions) makes is eventually EXPLAINED by science. Not disproved. Just because we understand evolution better now does not mean that it proves an omnipotent being had no part in it.

Just because we have an idea of the big bang doesn't mean there isn't a God who intended that to happen.

Please separate theocracy with theism in your mind, because it's unfair to use the stupid moves of people in charge (using weather as a moral punishment) as evidence that there is no God.

You really think that everyone can go out and make their life better? Not to be rude, but that's a really misguided statement. I'm not saying suicide is the answer, but for some people I wouldn't blame them.

Nothing is easier than denouncing the evildoer. Nothing more difficult than understanding him. -Dostoyevsky

For a while I thought I had seriously misunderstood the word "boob".

You're mean.

Has anyone thought that not everything you see on facebook originated there?

Wow, I'll never judge a sobbing person again. They might have a reason to be sad.