Christians KNOW there is a god. Atheists KNOW that there isn't a god. Buddhists KNOW that cows are sacred. Muslims KNOW that Mohammed exists. Shut up, ok?! Nobody knows anything! amirite?
If you're on a Windows computer, go to My Computer, C:, Windows, Media, then click onestop.mid. It's the best thing ever, amirite?

oh my god its glorious

it annoying whe you're at a movie theatre and somebody unwraps their candy extremely slowly, they think by doing so it is quieter and less distracting... ITS NOT, amirite?
It's weird how when you wake up, you can't remember what you dreamed about, but then later you think of one small detail and your entire dream floods back to you, amirite?

this happens to me all the time haha.

The person who played the old Dumbledore fitted the character much better than this new Dumbledore , amirite?

I wasn't even aware that he had been replaced.

It'd be funny to have a huge party and have all beverages non alcoholic and see how people act when they THINK they're drunk. amirite?
Miley Cyrus is actually really beautiful, amirite?

mhmmm. she's hot.

Brianstorm by the Arctic Monkeys is one of the best songs ever, amirite?

Cornerstone is their best song in my opinion.

You know a show is good when you can't pick a favorite character because they're all just THAT awesome, am I right?

freaks & geeks. :-)

I had to read the comments to understand the follow up. I feel so stupid.

But anyway, hilarious post. :)

Nothing gives you a better "welcome home" than your dog, amirite?

yeppp. my dog gets super excited, it's adorable. my cat won't go near me for a day or two because she's a little bastard and gets mad..

Fast food restaurants all have a food they're amazing with; Burger King has kickass fries, McDonald's has some damn good milkshakes, and Wendy's chicken tenders just can't be beat, amirite?
You don't understand why some teenage girls make a space before their punctuation marks, amirite?
@Igpay_Atinlay This can apply to everybody.

true that. i just usually see teenage girls do it lol

6th grade was probably your worst year style-wise, amirite?

my seventh grade year was much worse. I went through some sort of scene kid stage.. it was terrible.

While doing a test or some sort at school, it seems funny how when one person stands up to hand in their test, a bunch of others follow after. amirite?

I did that once before, and like 10 people got up immediately after. I felt pretty awesome, because I'm usually the one that follows.