Not safe for work Chronicles of Narnia. amirite?
@Fauns are half human at least

I'm sorry Peter but I gave you baaaids.

Kids think how awesome it is to have all this tech stuff- toys, video games, cell phones, etc & how great their generation has it. They have no idea how great it was to have the freedom to run down the street or over to the school to play with loads of kids. No set up play dates, just wild fun, amirite?

I wish I had that

We are the same distance to 2050 as the release date of straight outta compton, amirite?

Actually, there's a less than 50% chance your statement is correct. We already know we passed that particular point in time, whereas we're not guaranteed to make it to 2050.

Without knowing, you may of seroiusly offended a child who was annoying you in public by telling them to go home, without knowing they are homeless. amirite?

Served the little basterd right asking a stranger for money. Why don't you pick my pockets like the rest of the street urchins?

Most plants live their whole life in their own grave, amirite?
We're really lucky that the common cold virus isn't deadly, amirite?

It was at one point and luck didn't get us to the point of it being much less deadly

The human body has seven orfices taking nostrils and ears into account. So Snow White might have interesting options if the Seven Dwarves are enough small... amirite?

Sorry but Snow White's body has EIGHT orifices... The options have gone from interesting to interesting AND intriguing !

If reincarnation is real your odds of coming back as something besides an insect of some sort is extremely low, as they make up 80% of all living things. Remember that next time you go to kill one... amirite?
You feel far more pain when you see it coming than when it happens by complete surprise. amirite?

Death of a loved one? Don't think so

In the far future, saying someone plays like their grandma may be seen as a compliment. amirite?
Happiness is not a warm toilet seat. amirite?

Unless its family.

Anyone can choose to be a dick, but only dicks actually do. amirite?

Everyone is a dick sometimes.

When we nut, we feel a moment of bliss. Then the very next moment, we feel as if everything has been taken from us. amirite?
If not for peanut butter, most people probably wouldn't be aware that their mouth even has a roof. amirite?

Can confirm. I have a nut allergy and wasn't aware of the roof of my mouth.

the less you know the more you are happy, amirite?

'Ignorance is bliss'