About me.

For starters, my name is Jessica.
I'm 14, turning 15 in less than a month.
I enjoy screamo/metal music.
I have an odd interest in criminals, like Jeffrey Dahmer related stuff, and I've been to the hotel he killed some of his victims in. [:
Music is basically my life, I'd literally die without it, and yes I know most people say that, but I actually mean it. :P
I spend most of my time alone, noooo I'm not a loner, I have plenty of friends, I'm just the shy type.
I love messing with Ouija boards[:
I love going to fairs/amusement parks[:
I love Sunny D. get me some and I'll love you foreverrr[:
Fruit snacks are yummy too. :D
Well those are just some random facts about me, so if you wanna talk or something then go for it :D

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