@primeiro Nice decoration in the picture. :D Here at home we typically have a special dinner for the 24th. For December 25th...

Thanks :D My mum and I decorated the place.
At my home we normally have breakfast together on 25th, then a lunch with some other family members and sometimes a few friends.
Never say no to free food xD

I'll be working on Christmas day, so there's nothing special planned besides maybe lunch or dinner cooked by the mother of one of my coworkers. I'm looking forward to that :D

Quite the opposite.

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Things are not pretty in South Africa for a time now. A lot of crazy anger had been coming up for months.

No, most are quite capable. They just choose not to.

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Oh, wow, the tragedy.

Good for them. I still think the pageant in itself is a waste of time and money in general, but a all-female judge panel to judge an all-female competition doesn't sound weird to me. When they get Mister Universe on board, bring the boys along.

Does this specific white male is suffering from something at the moment? Disease? Homeless with a good heart? Is he doing something to help others with the money? Does he run an organization with a good goal? Because as far as I can see there needs to be something else before people feel like donating to anyone. Either something bad happened to them or they're trying to do a good thing.

Whatever the answer to those questions, chances are I wouldn't donate. I'm picky with who I give money to, and online isn't on top of the list.

My bed

For some reason, I can feel the sarcasm dripping from this....

Nah. Always female. When people though differently, I corrected it

The reason skinny-shaming is not as known as fat-shaming is because any fat was seen as bad for a time, and being skinny was applauded and pretty much forced down your throat. It still is. The amount of crap I see to make girls feel embarrassed and bad about their bodies is just disgusting. So now people rebel against "skinny" and are as dumb as those who fat-shame others.
Being curvy now isn't as an issue as it used to be honestly, and it is starting to get more awareness in general, so I hope instead of turning against "skinny", people turn against "shaming". If not, we will go on a circle. Until people start targeting body-shaming as a whole, I don't think much will change.

I feel like in some cases death would be a kindness, but there's a lot of variables to consider, so it depends.