You are given eight jelly doughnuts. The doughnuts all weigh the same amount except for one which is heavier. You have a balancing scale at your disposal. What's the minimum number of weighings required for you to pick out the heavy doughnut every time?

I agree with 3. However, I would like to add that you should eat the pile of lighter ones after each weighing, just to make sure they aren't in the way or course.

You use a knife to chop off my head And weep beside me once I am dead.

I'm pretty sure this could also apply to people. Or animals. Just saying.

If you look at a clock and the time is 3.15 what is the angle between the hour and minute hand?
At my favorite fruit stand, an orange costs 18dollars, a pineapple costs 27dollars, and a grape costs 15dollars. Using the same logic, can you tell how much a mango costs ?
If the internet was switched off for a month, it wouldn't be a catastrophe.

Many people would completely/almost completely lose their source of income, myself included. Then I would be trying to find a non-internet job, with thousands of others soon to be homeless, hungry people.

You love getting Naked, amirite?

Getting Naked is too expensive.

I just want to share a ridiculously long piece of spaghetti with you.

That's touching, but you didn't even tell me your name.

You're not really sure what the difference between cobbler and pie is, amirite?

One is delicious, and the other is more delicious.

A lot of things we consider normal would sound absolutely insane if we hadn't gotten used to them. Moving enormous metal objects by displacing air? Killing people by propelling little pieces of lead past the speed of sound by striking some powder? Injecting the deadliest toxin known to man in order to reduce wrinkles?

I'll be honest, the Botox bit still seems insane to me.

How sweet, a post about me!

You never actually had an automatic toilet flush on you when you weren't done. amirite?

Mine almost always does, and then of course I have to push the button to make it flush when I need it to. Those things hate me. And I hate them too.

Girls with green eyes are pretty, amirite?

Thank you.

This must have been a pretty awkward elevator ride, amirite?

Aren't they all?

At least once you have fallen asleep with gum in your mouth, and woken up unpleasantly with it in your hair. amirite?

Better that than to wake with it in your throat.

Once humanity perfects controlling technology with the mind (it's being worked on), it would be amazing to design a music writing software that lets you imagine your own songs, record them, build on them, and edit them, Amirite?

This is a really amazing idea. I better live to see this day now.