It's stupid how at the movie theaters 13 year olds are charged as adults, but they can't watch an adult movie until they're 18, amirite?

I've figured out that since teens are in the middle, we're only adults when it's in their advantage. Ex. "Come do the dishes." "Can I finish watching TV?" "No, you need to be a responsible adult." Then "Can I go out with my friends?" "No, you're just a kid!" "Wait, what?"

When thinking about it, you have zero idea whether you dream in first or third person. Amirite?

Mine are sometimes first, sometimes third, I've had a few where I was someone other than me, but there was also a "me" person, and some where I'm not even in it, and its just like watching a movie.

It's sad to think that when the Sun dies, then all of what we worked for and memories will die with it, amirite?

Don't worry, civilization as we know it will probably have died out long before the sun does... that didn't help much, did it?

I wonder if the police changed their extension for calling the police from [I don't know] to 911 because of the incident happened on 9/11, amirite?
It's not really fair to all the smarter kids, that get assigned a group with dumber kids and slackers, making that group completely rely on that one smart kid, and the "group" gets an "A", amirite?

Whats worse is when someone, who is just as smart as you, completly takes over the project, won't tell you whats going on, and shoots down every idea you suggest. Then when you give up on helping, they complain that they did all the work. I hate that.

in the show Max and Ruby, Ruby is a real bitch to her little brother, amirite?

She was so controlling, like "No, Max. You don't get to pretend to be a robot, because I want you to go to a tea party, and do the things I want, when I want, blah,blah,blah..." jerk.

you've had at least one dream about hitler, amirite?

I dreamed that a Jewish guy took a picture of him in his underwear and posted it on facebook, and that was why Hitler hated them. It made sense while I was asleep, but in the morning I laughed at how weird it was.

Your maternal figure contains so many triglycerides, that her belt size is greater than or equal to the circumference of the Earth, amirite?

Well your maternal figure's frontal lobe is so minuscule that her cranial volume is less than that of a pipette.

Since I am white, no matter what I say about someone of a different race, it is always a racist comment, amirite?

I'm part Asian and part white so sometimes I get the "do you do karate?/ how's the rice today?" comments in addition to the "Don't call someone black, its racist!" comments. So I figure everyone has some sucky discrimination to deal with.

The Sims 2 was better than the Sims 3, amirite?
@slytherinangel My computer is fine..I guess I just haven't played it enough to figure out the facial features and what I like and...

Probably, see I'm a bit ocd when it comes to video game character design, so I'll spend an hour or more working on one until its perfect. Which is probably pointless since you can barely see their faces when they're in the game.

Gay marriage, God, Abortion, Global warming. Now have fun debating! amirite?
@N610 Please stop being so dramatic. Please stop picking on my posts. Please stop supporting gay marriages. Please don't...

Why are you calling them an idiot? You're being pretty stupid. "Don't talk, k?" why? Because they have a different oppinion and like a debate? "Please stop supporting gay marriages."SEE A THERAPIST." Who are you to decide what people you don't know can and cannot do? I believe in God, or G-d as you put it, too, but at least I can have an open mind. Sorry for being rude, but I'm sick of some people's lack of tollerance.

"Him" is the scariest villain on the Powerpuff Girls TV show, amirite?

It was the voice that scared me the most. D:

You wonder how everything got it's name. Example: Why is a chair.. called a chair? Seriously, how do these things get their names? amirite?

Goodbye comes from the phrase "God be with ye", I learned that one today.

Today, I went on MLIA (for the first time in forever), and saw a post that read, "Today on amirite i read a post that said, 'Justin Bieber needs to go through puberty.' Yes, yes he does. MLIA" People are now starting to refer BACK to amirite because they can't come up with anymore good posts. This site is awesome, amirite?
@Mlia is awesome, not fake and does not "suck ass"

These are MLIAs "Today, I looked up at the stars and wondered where my ceiling went." This morning I woke up with blue crayon marks all over my pillow and sheets. I live with my parents and I don't own crayons.MLIA" ...So how exactly did this happen?

The Sims 2 was better than the Sims 3, amirite?
@slytherinangel Sims 3 is coming out with an expansion pack identical to Night Life and it will have vampires in it .^ I'm sure...

I think the ones in sims 3 look better, the ones in 2 look more cartoony, at least my friend's sims do.