You don't have a favourite movie. You have favourite movieS. amirite?
@glamydia Same! It's so French and I love it! I love Yann Tiersen's work. It was incredible! I can play half of the pieces on...

Ah atleast someone who shares my opinion !!! Yeah it WAS incredible :) I don't usually look for the soundtracks of movies but that one i definitely had to. You play the piano.. Its one of the instruments i want to learn.. But the guitar comes first ;)

In the song I'm Blu by Eiffel 65 when he says I'm blue dabededabidi it sounds like he says I'm blue I'm in need of a guy, amirite?

I love that song :) :)

The two most common elements of
our universe are hydrogen and
stupidity... but not in that order, amirite?
@Etherial Einstein said it better, and so did Harlan Ellison.

I know. It was while reading about Einstein that I came across this.

You don't realise how much you care for someone until she no more cares for you. amirite?
@MotherRucker why is it just she?

because i targeted someone in particular with this post.

swooning or complaining about your significant other on facebook should be illegal. amirite?

Do you have a significant other at least?

Asking if the glass is half empty or half full, is like asking if zero is an odd number or an even number, amirite?
You get really scared when older people slip or fall. amirite?

Yeah i'm always scared that they might have hurt themselves. I get to them and ask if they're alright. Then i help them to their feet and walk them a bit to make sure their okay. This happened to me a few times :) i find it sad when some people just stand there and laugh at those old people.

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. amirite?

I love this quote and i was going to post it. But i found yours first. I guess i need to favourite it and not steal it from you :)

I haven't taken my Christmas lights down. They look so nice on the pumpkin, amirite?
Its funny that wrong numbers are never busy, amirite?
@BobWilson How would you know it's the wrong number if it's busy?

by calling again to see if the person takes the call that time.

There is that one person whose voice sounds so melodious to your ears. Whose eyes always seem to the most beautiful in the world. Whose smell is delicate and perfumed each day. Whose skin feels so nice even after slighty touching it. That person whom you always say 'you are great' before going to sleep..after all we do look at a mirror before going to sleep, amirite?
Music is our universal language. Wherever you are or whatever your culture is, music will always be part of your life. Whichever music you like, you will always find someone similar to you. Music is such a beautiful thing and it even brings people closer to one another. amirite?

Lol.. That one is my real account :)

Your music collection is never complete, amirite?
It's annoying when people complain in class about learning a new language, saying it's much too hard for them, when really, they already know English, which has more rules and exceptions than any other tongue out there, amirite?

actually i'm very far from europe.. I'm from mauritius and that's found somewhere in the indian ocean. Geographically i'm an african but the country is extremely diversified culturally and ethnically! For me there is not a big interest for other languages in the US mainly because the country is so vast.. except at the states near the frontiers where other languages are adopted. I mean wherever you'll travel on land there will be english speakers, so there's no real need for another language unless you plan on having intercontinental trips! But that's my point of view :)
and yeah i'm adding you as a friend :)

After figuring something out you didn't know how to do for the longest time, you feel like a genius, amirite?

I'm a genius at two things ;)