About me.

Hello. I'm Alexander, call me Alex. I'm 14.
I'm from Germany, I live in the United States. I play soccer, lacrosse,football,drums, and I run track. I love photography, but, ironically, there is not one picture of me in the universe that is even a bit attractive, hmm. i'll find something. My twin brother has an account on here, he's Kk15. We're pretty awesome.
I like playing drums, drawing, running, dancing, etc.
My brother and I decided that we're going to wear the same hat in our profile pictures to mess with people's minds. Sorry.
My music taste is the exact same as my brother's. My favorite artists include Mumford and Sons,Mayday Parade, Bring Me the Horizon, MGMT, Bloc Party, Dance Gavin Dance, Pierce the Veil, John Mayer,The Arctic Monkeys, The Shins, Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews Band,Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, 2 Door Cinema Club, and A Day To Remember. My favorite band is definitely Muse.
Ask me anything, say hi, ask for advice, tell me your favorite song, whatever. I love getting messages, don't be shy :)
lawlrus.she's my best friend.
That's about it. Have a fantastic day.