About me.

I guess I should also put my name. . .

-An anagram for my name is Well! Star Hesitation, and my username is my first initial, middle initial, and part of my last name.

-I was born in Virginia, and I still live here. I sometimes have a horrible southern accent, despite the fact that Virginia isn't very southern geographically (but it is in spirit).

-This year, I will be a junior at my lovely high school, L-D, home of the Confederatesno smilie. Our unofficial school song in Dixie.

-When I graduate, I aspire to attend James Madison University, and major in music education.

-My main instrument is the Bb clarinet, but I can also decently play the trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, flute, guitar, and piano.

-I really love music. I love playing it and listening to it. This July, I got to see my favorite band, YELLOWCARD, live!

-I also really enjoy watching Drum Corps International competitions and shows. My favorite corps are Carolina Crown, the Blue Knights, the Bluecoats, and Phantom Regiment.

I don't normally like people that do this, but I have a formspring, and it'd be pretty cool if you could ask me a question.

Also, someone message me or start a conversation with me! I'm a tad bit jealous of all of those people that have a bunch of friends on amirite.