There are very few female rock stars that aren't smokin' babes, amirite?

the girl from the xx?
haley williams, too.

You are 100% sure you're superior to everyone aeound you, amirite?

*around. I'm on mobile and can't fix, whoops.

It's kind of sad how teenagers these days treat serious things (depression, eating disorders, rape, sexual orientation, etc.) like they're jokes, amirite?
@chill, everythings a joke to teenagers.

Err, I am a teenager, and while joking is funny and trendy or whatever it can get way out of hand.

Police dogs are trained to sniff out drugs. To a drug addict, this must be the best job in the world, amirite?

Like that one episode of Family Guy.

Omnivores: Some people are vegetarians for there religion, so it'd be great if you could stop telling them how plants can scream with certain sound frequencies, amirite?

AHHH TYPO. Sorry, it should be *their.

Nail biters: So... what do you do once the nail has been bitten? amirite?
@Simon Yeah :/ That's what I did. Seems disgusting, I know, but considering half the crap on the ground is dead skin...

Oh, lovely. But I guess you have a point. But still. Great mental images and everything. Ha.

Nail biters: So... what do you do once the nail has been bitten? amirite?
@Simon I used to kinda chew on them. Once, you bite one, move on. You have 9 others.

But like, do they just spit out the nail? cringe I don't get it.

There is at least one incredibly popular band/singer who you've heard of thousands of times, but are unable to name one of their songs. amirite?
Girls: there is at least one actress or singer whose existence you find personally offensive. amirite?

haley williams

Lady Gaga is a lot like Marmite - you either love it or hate it, amirite?
@Annabel Are you from NZ?

Yes, but now I live in America.

Everybody complains about fat people wearing skinny jeans, but what about super-skinny people? It looks equally bad, amirite?
@Rainbow35 How would SKINNY people look bad in SKINNY jeans? :/

SUPER skinny people, reread the post. You know, the people who are basically skeletons with skin?

scary movie 1, 2, 3, and 4 are the only movies making fun of other movies that is actually funny, unlike meet the spartans or some shit, amirite?

Hot Fuzz.

Bands like Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Nevershoutnever!, and Owl City shouldn't be considered alternative/indie/punk, amirite?
When people hear the name Tobias they think of a big, black guy, amirite?

there was a huge blonde dutch guy named tobias in my class during the fourth-sixth grade, so i always think of him.

Justin Bieber, you're like 15. You can't have had enough experiences to write an autobiography, amirite?

He's writing an autobiography? Oh, God.