About me.

I am 15 but I'm a junior and I'm not really sure how. Im in band, and I play the sax. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter but I havent told anybody so I guess this my way if coming out of the closet. Basketball fascinates me. I am a huge New York Yankees fan. I am an eagle scout. I
have recently discovered and love eminem, But usually I am a big fan of radiohead and Broadway( my favorite Broadway musical is In the Heights) I play piano, and I maintain a 3.9 gpa. I am mormon but I am extremely open minded and that is something I live by. My favorite bedtime story was Lafcadio the lion that shot back. I dont have a girlfriend and dont care for one and i dont have a boyfriend either. But I have a Bestfriend :) and she makes me giggle. I have a dog named paco. He has an owner named Ryan. I regurlarly take him on walks. Its how we bond. I am technically a triplet but one died so i guess I'm a twin? Maybe you guys can help me with that. I'm scared of hell, and maybe also heaven. I have excellent manners and so does my grandma. We often make weekend excursions to the local poker hall in hope os making it big and running away to start a buisness. It hasnt happened. Yet. I love apple. And also apples. Scrantoncity hates me.