@TheCensoredBrit Shit.... I'm so sorry.

No prob. Glad we cleared that up. I kept rereading my comments to make sure I was not going crazy. :)

Any easy quick ways to torture yourself at home?
African people are considered a "race". Caucasians are a "race". Asians are a "race". But western hemisphere aboriginals are considered a "breed".
@Anita_Robin Why? Affirmative action? Segregation? Entitlements? Political map making?

Not saying its a good thing, I just believe that the peoples that were found living in the "new world" by the European settlers are considered to be a "race" by most people.
I am quite sure that the aboriginals in Australia and New Zealand are considered an inferior race by most of the European descendants.

It is a very sad and horrific situation that needs to be addressed. Each subsequent generation needs to reinforce that we are all one people.

I will know my sister by her eyes and my brother by his hand. We will build a home together to dwell upon this land. Those who do not share our dream will live among us too, and they will learn not by our talk but by watching what we do.

Fuck them all Vic. Well said and beautifully written. You paraphrase a common christian song and these douche bags mock you for it.

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Do you still hate it when children wear clothes around you?


I like the cut of your jib. Sorry I was so hard on you before. I can be a real prick sometimes.

Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage

Read Plato, especially Phaedrus. If you had studied greek literature at all you would not be falling for this "ListVerse" very weak argument "Some believe that the relationship between an experienced man and a young ones may have been more of an intellectual mentor relationship." Well guess what some people think aluminum foil hats may protect them from aliens.

Enjoyment and dissatisfaction are completely independent of wealth.


Be quite. Stanwyck is a well known nipple-flicker.

What is a question for the opposite sex that you'd like to have answered?
@Wunderscore What does the inside of a vagina feel like to your penis?

You cannot imagine it I am sure. Try this, sandpaper your finger until nearly raw and very sensitive. Now place a whole calves liver in a baby bottle warmer. When the liver is up to temperature, cut a small slit in the flesh and slip your highly sensitized finger in there.

It feels like a thousand times better than that.

What is a question for the opposite sex that you'd like to have answered?
@Wunderscore How much pressure can be applied to testicles before it hurts?

Probably different for each guy. For me its is none. you can gently lift them, but any more than the slightest pressure is uncomfortable.


You do know of course, that FOX is owned by an Australian Billionaire and the Saud family (who own Saudi Arabia, the most murderous totalitarian "ally" of America's elite plutocracy) right?

You still help them profit from fear mongering while helping train American minds to hate Saudi's regional enemies.

I think you qualify under the mental waiver.

What is a question for the opposite sex that you'd like to have answered?
@Wunderscore Okay, additional question: the how the hell do you wear clothes or walk or play sports?

Boxers (or commando) most of the time, but "lifting them gently" as in a jockstrap is ok. Some girls want to squeeze them like they are checking a plum to see if it is ripe. That's a no-no for me. Clothes and underpants don't usually squeeze, they just lift, except speedos and some whitey-tighties, which can bang the boys together like a rack of Newton Balls.
I ask the same question, those guys must be either nutless or numb.

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