OK smelly finger boy

You sir are a master baiter

What is your favorite pasta dish?
CNN is not fair and balanced, amirite ?
Freedom of speech
Good idea. (Disclaimer: Contains foul language.)

I think OP got "knocked out" one time too many

Sweden Immigration Problem

This is the biggest piece of dog crap reporting I have ever seen. The Swedish skinheads are at it again.

Social stigma? The only one anymore is gay bashing.

So rapist, you seem to know a lot about how to rape women. From your vast experiences raping woman with power and drugs and your penis.

I would ask what it is like to violate a woman without her permission but the thought of you molesting and raping all those women you raped disgusts me.

Like the same way that dozens of women who have come forward accusing Cosby of drugging them and fondling them and fucking them against their will (like you did with those women and children you fondled and fucked.)
But not really like those women that accused Clinton, because, (oh yeah, that's right) no women ever accused Clinton of fucking them. Not in the same way you and Cosby fucked those poor drug and powerhungery women (and young girls, and children and babies) that you stuck your cock into and raped bloody with your penis.

what is the difference between a liberal, a progressive, and a monkey in a zoo

Let me guess: a Liberal is a true Christian; a Progressive is enlightened and understands the problems facing humanity; a monkey will eventually evolve into a republican but will be too smart so he will take over the tea party and control the minds of the idiots and morons that fall for any line of bullshit about how lower taxes will make them rich.

If "poor children" in the USA are so under fed, why are there so many FAT kids in "poor" neighborhoods
@Dami That's easy. EBT.

Nope. It is because you rich ladies refuse to shop in the cities so the "whole foods" and the "costcos" build in the suburbs. Poor people have to buy Utz potato chips and canned meat because the corner store can't make a profit selling apples and chickens that spoil overnight.

If "poor children" in the USA are so under fed, why are there so many FAT kids in "poor" neighborhoods

Same reason you are. Too many cheese doodles and not enough kale.