Wackos are anyone who disagrees with me.

Remember How You Voted For Obama Cuz You Believed All The Crap He Said About Obamacare? Hillary Hasn't Promised You Anything - But She Has Promised The World To Wall Street, Big Banks, Foreign Countries and Special Interests

Mr Trump would never hire any bankers, wall street people or special interesting people for his cabinet, LOCK HER UP!

Our PRESIDENT is a BILLIONAIRE and very smarter than most. EVERYONE knows that no one can get past a wall. NO ONE. Build a wall and keep out Mecixans and opiym that they grow and cell to YOUR childs. THANK YOU MR TRUMP for saving AMERICA. No one can ever climb a wall!

Mecixans don't have airplanes or boats so a wall will KEEP THEM OUT and they're OPIYM. If they get boats we will BUILT A WALL on the water two!!!!@!@!

What is something about you that most people don't know, that you would be willing to share?

I have complete genitalia from both sexes


"So many people are clueless about how different our lives would be without welfare." That's neither an endorsement of government nor of welfare. What I said after that is also true, I didn't say it was good, but it is true. And people are clueless about it. It's just a fact.

An un smilieofficial welcome to Amirte.

Let us bury the hatchet and wipe clean the slate. I too apologize for making unsubstantiated allegation of a derogatory nature. Please accept an olive branch extended with sincerity.

So pretty. As in "you look so pretty!" Anyways it seems to get the best response when I say it.


Correct. Anarchy only requires voluntary cooperatives. The key is voluntary, there can be no compulsions.


I know she's not yours, you only like little boys.

@ForkNdaRoad Yeah, but the people put Trump in power to make shit right!

Too little too late. He's making small strides while raking profits for his closest allies and using the same manipulations I am complaining about, banks, media and government.

He was a good idea but he's just more of the same when you look at it. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Won't get fooled again.