There are some real wackos on this site. You are among them.

Blaming OUR PRESIDENT for acts of hatred is so WRONG like blaming guns for murdering TRUMP just trying to help his country never hurt anyone perosnally he just saying truths to everyone and making america great and people like that ALOT!

depending on what is my goal?


That's what I thought. Avoid the question.

Am I reading this right, you want to marry your dog and "enter" her through the back door? What next? Eating feces in public. You beastophiles are a sick bunch. But you do have that right so please be kind to her.

@Anonymousmouse yeah thats why he married JANE A WOMAN

Many gay men like yourself marry women to hide their self-hate. Get over it, there is no shame in sucking dicks despite what your lieing pastor says. Jesus himself was a well known dick sucker. It is in the bible, so it must be true.

Are you ready?

Bring it, beotch.

Didn't you know? Tarzan was gay.


My underpants are on backwards

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?
@Budwick Not just bad Bob, but an abomination! You have some fences to mend with your Creator Bob. Blasphemy isn't...

Seriously Budwick your homophobia is showing. There is nothing wrong with a little man-on-man love and Jesus most certainly participated. It is not blasphemy and it is far from an abomination. What do you think "love your brother" means? Why do you think the Catholic Church is a haven for homosexuality all the way back to Peter himself. Saint Paul was a huge advocate of men only relationships. Read his letters!
Get with the program and stop hiding behind your fear of being loved.

Where was the first place you saw a hooker working their street corner? I saw my first hooker in Billings, MT.

Your mom's house


Trump admires and envies dictators. He does not believe in democracy. It's really that simple.

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?

I take that, plus several other mistranslated passages as pretty conclusive proof that the Jesus of the bible was a homosexual and had numerous sexual relations with the apostles.
He was likely "bi-", as that was common in those times, and likely had sexual relations with Mary, but would not have married her because his primary attraction was to other males.

Do you hate all people or just those different form you?

This site should be destored cause its a dispointment and really crappy

Kid, don't let them get you down. Just keep posting your ideas and the meanies can ignore you. The same people that complain about cyberbullies have the guts to mock you and your posts? SHM. This site is for all opinions and ideas. It is not for the grammar police or those that seek to use words to insult or embarrass others for sharing their opinions here.

Long live the new generation of Hippies!