It seems at least one bystander was armed in Oregon and did just that, stood by. When the real heat arrives, anyone brandishing a weapon is a target, even the "good" guys. The one armed-bystander who came forward said he kept his gun holsters because he did want the S.W.A.T to kill him.

Oregon is an open carry state.

Would You Rather Live on the Moon or Live Under the Sea?

Was a big fan of Verne's 20,000 leagues as a kid. I love Jacques Cousteau and Sea Hunt too.

No. It is on my list.

People should be drug tested before being able to post on the internet.

You are a silly young thing aren't you?

Should there be a rule that you have to have a valid reason for flagging someone?

The mods are supposed to make a judgement call on flag. Seems like many times it is just easier to deleted the flags post.

When it comes to breakfast cereals, what is your favorite?
We lost a passionate voice for the cause of justice in the passing of Julian Bond. Amirite?

She does snore, but I love waking up next to your girlfriend too.

Which landmark do you find to be the most impressive?

Great Wall of China

Bernie Sanders: We Need Medicare for All, Not Cutbacks That Will Kill Our Seniors: Do You Agree or Disagree?
@sunshineofthesoul Is this the same ole same ole from the democrats, I thought you guys were happy with Obamacare, Social Security is...

Only because the GOP insists that rich people don't have to pay into it even if they can collect. Only the poor and those making less than $100,000 a year pay social security tax all year long.

The highest paid wage earners in America, those that make over $50 million a year pay ZERO social security tax after January 1st each year.
Got that! We pay each and every paycheck, and they pay for one day. One day!

And even then they want to "privatize" it so they don't even have to pay that!

Porridge: Have you tried it?

Russian Roulette?

The United States should repeal the 2nd Amendment. Amirite?

Do not open the door to repealing any amendment in the first 10. They are sacred.

We all have pictures that have special meaning for us.They don't need to be of you,or family..but post one,or more, that touched you in some way.Pics can be funny,sad,poignant,scary,they can be of people,places,animals,events..historical,weird,bizarre..anything you want to share.

The new American dream

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