Guys: when someone steps on your foot accidentally it really doesn't hurt you that much, but when you accidentally step on a girl's foot all hell breaks loose, amirite?

It depends on the shoe. A guys show can hurt bare feet o.o

Non-rhyming poems are just stories with line breaks in weird places, amirite?

Oh the intellect of people.

Dubstep: you either think it's awesome or extremely stupid, amirite?

It's stupid. Very stupid.

We need a better offensive name for white people because ''Cracker'' really isnt that bad... amirite?
NOBODY can make a good cover of a queen song. The standard is just too damn high. amirite?

Mayday Parade was pretty okay. I have nevershoutnever but that was okay too...

You're not racist, you just wanted to be a pointy headed ghost for Halloween, amirite?
No matter how much your siblings irritate you, you'd die for them immediately without thinking about it, amirite?

Without thinking, I'd die for my brothers. And they're annoying little fuckers.

Some people have names that just make them sound like jerks. amirite?
When you get a text message, your phone's vibrate length should be based on the length of the message. That way, if someone sends you something stupid and meaningless like "k", you'd know that you don't need to take your phone out of your pocket to check it for something important, amirite?

I have a friend who texts me freaking novels...

It's so weird meeting someone that genuinely like Nickelback. It's like meeting a leprechaun, amirite?

I saw one of their live preformance movie things or whatever and Chad just kept swearing the entire time... Unnecessarily.

You hate it when a friend sleeps over at your house and tries to sleep on your side of the bed, amirite?

If my friend ever tried to pull that shit off, I'd push her and be like, 'BITCH THAT'S MY SIDE, DIRTY WHORE.' XD

You would be much more inclined to eat healthy if your stomach spoke. Like if you ate a salad for dinner you would hear, "Thanks buddy! Have a great day!". But if you ate chips and crap, you would constantly be annoyed hearing "WHAT THE HELL? You're such a fatass!". It would be good encouragment, amirite?
Vegetables taste bad, amirite?
You have been REALLY obsessed with something at one point in your life, to the point where it's almost all you can think about, amirite?

Percy Jackson books :3

Does God say "oh my me?", amirite?

I read that in a little French girl accent o.o