The smartest child prodigies probably declined the option to skip grades and graduate several years early because they also understood the social effects, amirite?

I was asked to skip a grade in math but declined because I'm lazy.

Pork sausage is probably what a cooked penis tastes like, amirite?

Sausage is ground up meat. A penis texture would be tougher I think. Unless you slow cooked it.

When male pornstars go through breakups, they don't have to worry about their exes spreading rumors about their dick size, amirite?
People pay for concert tickets just to watch the concert through their phone. amirite?

Whilst I agree with the sentiment. It's not difficult to press record and point the camera at someone, then look at them live

For one to fall asleep, we must first pretend to be sleeping. amirite?

Every time I blink I'm really just pretending to sleep and hoping my body falls for it

You know you're an adult when your cereal doesn't float in milk. amirite?

Age-wise I have been an adult for almost 4 decades, cereal-wise I'm still a child, thank you.

There are no whales in captivity. There's dolphins, orcas, and pilot whales, but no bigger whales. They are the biggest animal and yet they are still so mysterious, amirite?

There are beluga whales in the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut

Only the poorest rich people fly in first class, amirite?
@monsterallergies The funny truth is that First class in a commercial plane is much more comfortable than a private jet. Small...

Private jets are smaller but not necessarily more turbulent. They tend to fly higher where there tends to be less variance in weather

Most sandwiches have fruit in them, amirite?
We drink water that is millions of times older than us, amirite?

Everything has always existed and will exist forever

It's not weird when boobs are pressed against you while hugging, but it is if a dick is. amirite?
It's not weird when boobs are pressed against you while hugging, but it is if a dick is. amirite?

If a woman presses her boobs against a man while hugging, the resulting dick pressed against her is kinda her fault. :)

The Nepalese are some of the shortest people on earth, they have 8 out of the 10 tallest mountains. The Dutch are some of the tallest, they had to pull out a third of their land from under the sea. Nature finds a way to balance. amirite?

You might be right, but I think you need more than a sample of 2 to support your finding

The discovery of fire would have made eating eggs so much more appealing. amirite?
Everything you see has probably at some point aroused someone, amirite?

Thats why rule34 exists