About me.

Ello, I'm Sarah. I'm 18 and live in Canada, although I'm only living here for a few more months before I go to live with my fiance in Australia! :D
I aspire to become a photojournalist, I love photography. I'd love to be a war photographer.
I'm into music, mainly indie, folk and alternative (elliott smith, bright eyes, the beatles, nirvana, daniel johnston, fleetwood mac, the pixies, joy division, the smiths, electric light orchestra, etc etc.)
I love to read, but I like to read good books. Not that Harry Potter bullshit. I like anything by Jack Kerouac, Oscar Wilde, Albert Camus, Nietzsche, Hunter S. Thompson & Jack London.

I'm atheist and pro-choice, I'm very opinionated on both.

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I like to chat, so message me!!