They should make a reverse Hooters restaurant that only staffs hot shirtless guys and serves stereotypical female foods like salad, vegetarian food, yogurt, and chocolate desserts. They could call it Bollocks. amirite?

oh my god that sounds like my dream restaurant goo smilie

If you have never kissed anyone or had sex, you kind of wish there was some kind of class on how to do it so you won't look like an idiot your first time, amirite?

the class should have demonstrations hello smilie

Zeus was kind of horny and kind of stupid, amirite?
When you think of all the horrible things that could happen to you there, it's actually pretty scary to go to school, amirite?

same with most places

The first step to changing yourself is taking off what you're currently wearing, amirite?

for some reason i read this as "chew off what you're currently wearing"
wary smilie

If you had superpowers, or some one of a kind ability, it would be REALLY hard to keep it to yourself, amirite?

i wouldn't even try keeping it to myself

Facebook is full of friends that could easily be strangers. Amirite is full of strangers that could easily be friends, amirite?

I'll be your friend goo smilie

As long as you're blindfolded, you wouldn't care what you were getting a blow job from, amirite?

what about from an animal?

it would be cool if you could transform certain body parts into food and eat it, but then it grows right back, amirite?


when you are walking somewhere and you are in a rush, you want to beat the living shit out of people in front of you that are walking so fucking slow, amirite?
Amirite have some very weird advertisements, amirite?

i just got an ad for sugar daddy dating wary smilie

you hate it when you're eating a burrito and suddenly, there's a huge glob of sour cream, amirite?
it would be cool if you could transform certain body parts into food and eat it, but then it grows right back, amirite?
When you're on Facebook at a minute or two after midnight and see that it's someone's birthday who you're friends with, but aren't particularly close to, you wait twenty or thirty minutes (or just until later in the day) to post on their wall, so that it doesn't seem like you were sitting there waiting for their birthday to start, amirite?

I really never though about it hmm smilie

You would rather get raped by a giraffe than eat Miracle Whip on your sandwich, amirite?