If you don't fight for it, you don't deserve it.
@fuzala I didn't have to fight for a lot of my rights others fought them for me many years ago I don't think I'm...

Agreed. I think it's more a matter of "would you be willing to fight for something you already have." I'm glad I don't have to fight to get a good education or for the freedom to practice my religion. But should occasion arise that these things required a "fight," I'd put up a dang good one.

I think same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children because nothing about homosexuality makes a person a lesser parent than a heterosexual.
@TommyUK1234 That's meaningless - kids bully each other over tons of other stuff too. By your current logic, you seem to be...

I just feel like having homosexual parents is more of a cause to get bullied. I know if I went home after elementary school and told my parent's that "Sam has two dads and kids make fun of him for it," they would probably have more of an opinion on the subject than if I said he got bullied for having a goofy looking backpack. And as we all know, most young kids adopt the same viewpoints as their parents. But you're right, saying it's "more likely" or "less likely" is speculation and being completely illogical. So shut up everyone.

If you are not going to answer your cell phone or text someone back when they text you what is the sense of owning a cell phone? You own them so you can get in touch with people at any time right?

Ya why do I even have a cell phone? Sometimes I get calls from my work and I purposely don't answer because I don't want to work on my day off.

I think same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children because nothing about homosexuality makes a person a lesser parent than a heterosexual.

I agree that some homosexual couples could raise a child better than a heterosexual couple. And vice versa. However, what if the child is confused that it has "two moms" or "two dads?" What about getting bullied at school? Kids are mean and someone with homosexual parents is more likely to be ridiculed and bullied than if they had straight parents.

I don't think cell phones should be allowed in schools. Cell phones make it easier for students to cheat, and with land line phones in the offices, students don't truly "need" their cell phones with them.

Ok so let's say that every person in school went without a cell phone. Can you imagine the commotion that would ensue with everyone and their dog waiting in line at the main office to make a phone call?

"Gosh I've been here two hours, maybe I should just walk home instead of having my mom come pick me up."

"I've been standing in line for so long, I forgot why I even needed to use the phone."

Idiots. I hope anyone who thinks this is a good idea trips off a curb and gets their legs ran over by a double-decker bus. I also hope it's right outside of a school where NO ONE WILL HAVE THEIR CELL PHONES TO CALL AN AMBULANCE. And no using the main office phone, there's already an hour long wait to make a call.

I think people that are on welfare should have to be drug tested just like people applying for jobs. If you have money for drugs but not for food, there's something wrong with your priorities!

Well at least the 8 to 10 percent in the workforce are wasting their own money on drugs. not mine.

Dogs are the cutest when they're happy, amirite?

seriously people? who would disagree with this? Oh right, a mad, raging canine is waaaay cuter than this. duh

When you're watching a DVD and you get to a part where the DVD is damaged, you try to fast-forward through it. But then it just freezes. So you take the DVD out, wipe it clean, put it back in, then try again. And it psyches out again. So you go to scene selection, pick the next scene, and then try to rewind it as close to the bad scene as possible, but you always go to far and it freezes again. So you finally resign to just skip the scene altogether. Amirite?

Redbox. Every time.

Out of all the smart people that work for Apple, you're still wondering why they haven't installed some kind of locating system where we can track our ipods so we know where to look when we loose them.. amirite?

I always thought it looked like a pair of scissors

You've never been in love, but you imagine it's similar to the feeling you get when you see your waiter arriving with your food, amirite?
You've drank dihydrogen monoxide, amirite?

Dihydrogen Monoxide has been present at every school shooting and in the bloodstreams of every terrorist. I'm pretty sure Lance Armstrong was hopped up on some too.

ryan gosling is a very good actor, except for that piece of garbage he made called the notebook, amirite?
@Snicker definately


Remember, if you put an "a" in the word definitely, then you're definitely an asshole.

If everyone would realize the effect their actions had on other people this whole issue could be solved.

Non-Smokers: when you hate, people get sad.

Smokers: Maybe stay in a designated place for smoking?

Sleeping Beauty shouldn't count as a Disney princess. Sure she had her own movie and she's a rincess and all, but she was more of a plot device than a character. She was unconcious most of the movie, during the climax no less, and no one even bothers to say her real name. She didn't even do anything but sing. The fairies were the real heroes. amirite?
@AquariusSpring I just want to know what the deuce a rincess is.

Harsh. The words "typoI" and "whe" sure bury the criticism deep in my soul.