You've drank dihydrogen monoxide, amirite?

Dihydrogen Monoxide has been present at every school shooting and in the bloodstreams of every terrorist. I'm pretty sure Lance Armstrong was hopped up on some too.

Girls: Build a boy, would be way better than build a bear. amirite?

It'd be even better if you knew proper comma usage.

Sometimes you just want to take photo's of your amazing food, amirite?

Sometimes you want people to properly use apostrophes.

ryan gosling is a very good actor, except for that piece of garbage he made called the notebook, amirite?
@Snicker definately


Remember, if you put an "a" in the word definitely, then you're definitely an asshole.

I think people that are on welfare should have to be drug tested just like people applying for jobs. If you have money for drugs but not for food, there's something wrong with your priorities!

Well at least the 8 to 10 percent in the workforce are wasting their own money on drugs. not mine.

Pillow cases really serve no purpose, other than a decoration. amirite?

And they protect your face from the nasty feather pillows whose purpose is to pock you in the middle of the night.

It would've been sweet if eating something healthy cancelled out eating something unhealthy with the same amount of calories, like healthy food had a "negative" amount of calories, amirite?
Republicans are freedom fighters, just as crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, amirite?

One reason this country is going to crap is because the two parties can't agree on anything. The fight should be toward freedom, not to make the othe party look stupid.

It must have sucked when Jesus came back from the dead, he couldn't eat m&ms because they kept falling through the holes in his hands! amirite?

It says in the bible that he ate honeycomb. And that he let people touch the scars in his hands and feet. He could have eaten M&Ms had they been invented.

I always thought it looked like a pair of scissors

You're pretty sure it's an unwritten rule to write the word "Hi" on foggy windows and mirrors. amirite?
If college was less expensive in exchange for more difficult coursework, that'd be ok, amirite?
@ebnation From a students standpoint it seems like a good idea, but it's not really that good for the college. The harder...

That's true. And that's one thing that separates medical school graduates from liberal arts college graduates. But I was mostly thinking out loud from a student's point of view.

Facebook should adopt amirite's philosophy and delete any post that "doesn't make a good facebook post.", amirite?
@Mtrenchie Solution: delete friends or delete facebook. Hello empty newsfeed.

Even better solution: Rid life of all technology. Sell house and all possessions. Go in the woods and say, "Hello empty newsfeed."

There is no "A" in definitely. Just remember that if you put an "A" in "definitely", then you're definitely an A-Hole. amirite?
@mashmallow515 Those are my favorites. I also liked the "things we should have been taught in high school" one.

haha! Now this is how to load a dishwasher. . . Gosh i wished we learned that stuff in school

Breaking dawn is coming out in two parts? I feel like they don't need to try to be Harry Potter! amirite?