It's strange that a lot of humans see themselves as separate from other animals in the animal kingdom in two distinct groups: human and non human animals. There's really nothing special about people other than their intelligence, in the same way there's nothing special about a cheetah other than running at 70 mph and keen hunting instincts. There's no reason for humans to think of themselves as special or seperate ... amirite?

But Anon (I'm assuming you agree with the post?), doesn't that in effect make us different? Doesn't that separate us from other species? You just said we have different ways of living--different things we want to accomplish. Learning and happiness, for instance, as opposed to survival. It does make us different. It doesn't mean we're not a part of the animal kingdom, because we are, but we ARE different. I find it strange people think otherwise... hmm smilie

I'm glad that you "liked" my happy birthday message on Facebook, but a thank you would have been nice, amirite?

I don't like it when people wish me happy birthday on my Facebook wall. It's too impersonal. If they want a genuine thank you, they can at least be genuine enough in wishing me a happy birthday to use a different medium than Facebook when doing so.

Bilinguals: It's funny when you try to teach someone words from your language and they pronounce everything horribly wrong, amirite?
While doing a test, it's really annoying when the teacher walks around in the classroom and randomly laugh at a students test, amirite?

I have never experienced this.

You wish there were more drive-in movie theaters still around, amirite?

In my city they put a huge screen in a field and people lie down on the grass while they watch a movie. It's amazing. :D

Its so obvious when people play stupid, amirite?

I love how your profile picture is Patrick. hehe smilie

Some people are so famous, you only need to see a unique feature they have to recognize them, amirite?

oh, I see it! At first I thought you were referencing Face from Nick Jr. goo smilie


Yeah, I can understand that. I guess it just didn't bother me.

Most of the time, you don't pay attention to the laughing in the background of a sitcom. But once in a while, you start paying attention to it, then it becomes all you can focus on and it ruins the show, amirite?

Am I the only person who is not bothered at all by laugh tracks?

What didn't you like about him?

There should be a device that wakes you up if you're having a bad dream. You'd rather lose a few minutes of sleep in the middle of the night than be upset all day because of your dream, amirite?

... that sounds awful. It'd be like if my alarm went off early, and I wouldn't remember the dream anyway so I'd be pissed that I lost my precious sleep.

It would suck if a pigeon flew into your room, through the window grille, smacked you on the back of the head with its wings, while you're doing work, and you had to chase it out, all because your mom told you to open the window and air out the room, amirite?

oh, my. This made me think of one of my favorite openers for Friends. hehe smilie
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My sister shouldn't date a 35 year old guy if she's only 21 (assuming his character, looks, personality and background are just average and unrelated to this argument), amirite?

If I'm going to make a judgment about a relationship, I'm darn well going to take into account everything that you listed as "unrelated".

You never turn your mobile phone off at a gas station, even when there are signs telling you it's dangerous, amirite?

I thought the myth was that it's dangerous if you actually use it, not if it's just turned on...?

The Hulk is basically Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but with torn pants and greenness, amirite?

And no potion.