Crumbl Cookies do not taste that good. amirite?

Thank you dor putting this out there. I am with you, everytime I have a crumbl cookie they are raw , too sweet and unappetizing but no everyone swears by them. It's a cult I tell you

Children should not be taught not to lie, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut So in other words, tell your kids the truth to earn their trust because trust is the most fundamental ingredient of...

Yes exactly. Parents will lie to their kids all the time and then say don't lie to me. Being a parent doesn't give you that right automatically

Driving at highway speeds and only being a couple of feet away from an oncoming car in the other lane is weirdly normalized. amirite?
Howard Stern is a horrible interviewer. He has good guests cause he was "cool" in the 90s, amirite?

But he gets the girls naked

Having "stages" of your relationship is ridiculous. amirite?

Someone doesn't know what healthy boundaries are!!!

Marvel released almost an entire cinematic universe in between the two Avatar movies. amirite?

And Avatar got a whole world at Walt Disney World..... marvel got 1 ride.

Going to the cinema is an unpleasant experience. amirite?
Children should not be taught not to lie, amirite?
@KilljoyX I feel like this would just lead to turning teenagers into good liars... We all, at some point in our late teens...

Teenagers are good liars anyways. I never said that I'm teaching kids that it's okay to just lie. I'm saying that it is needed in certain situations and that there are better alternatives as well. A child should have many options to handle situations rather than just lie or don't lie

Union jobs suck. amirite?

Someone didn't make it past the 90 probation period and they're big mad.

Children should not be taught not to lie, amirite?
Saying someone is 'Dead to you' isn't really accurate, since people usually soften to people after they die, amirite?

There's a lot of dead people I am happy are dead and gone. We're not talking about Grandma who made you cookies every visit.

Children should not be taught not to lie, amirite?
Some people really should not have gotten veneers, amirite?

Im going to guess OP is from the US because it seem they are obsessed with perfect white teeth.

This generation of isn't dumber than any that came before them. It is just getting harder to cheat at school. amirite?

Test scores in all major areas have fallen off a cliff since covid. There is much more going on than not being able to cheat as well.

I hate all forms of copyright and want it gone, amirite?
@Pmbuttpics4adrawing Or rather accelerate it

how exactly would it accelerate anything?

why would someone spend 15yrs working on a project when they only have exclusive rights to it for 5yrs?

how do you think they should handle things like trademarks, merch, logos

what do you think should happen if there are sequels planned?