We can't actually feel wetness, we can only infer it. amirite?

As an amateur plumber - checking for leaks by hand feel is nearly impossible. I have to use a gray t shirt or something that will visually show moisture.

Archaeologists should not be excavating graves. amirite?
Some people really should not have gotten veneers, amirite?

Im going to guess OP is from the US because it seem they are obsessed with perfect white teeth.

I hate all forms of copyright and want it gone, amirite?
@Pmbuttpics4adrawing Or rather accelerate it

how exactly would it accelerate anything?

why would someone spend 15yrs working on a project when they only have exclusive rights to it for 5yrs?

how do you think they should handle things like trademarks, merch, logos

what do you think should happen if there are sequels planned?

People celebrating football loudly in public should be forbidden, amirite?
Children should not be taught not to lie, amirite?
@Balkany4Ever This. My kids were taught not to lie. But now they're teens my god will they lie if they think they need to to...

Exactly! It's why I want to teach it as a tool, not a last result. I want them to have healthy ways of handling situations like that rather then lying. Teaching about lying as a tool also helps teens not result to it as a way to rebel

Children should not be taught not to lie, amirite?
@KilljoyX I feel like this would just lead to turning teenagers into good liars... We all, at some point in our late teens...

Teenagers are good liars anyways. I never said that I'm teaching kids that it's okay to just lie. I'm saying that it is needed in certain situations and that there are better alternatives as well. A child should have many options to handle situations rather than just lie or don't lie

Food is made by the same atoms combined is different ways, amirite?
Law enforcement doesn't really work without the threat of violence, amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan I'm sincerely open to anyone's ideas on how lawful order is maintained here without the threat of violence from...

There used to be an unwritten contract between everyone certain behaviors were not tolerated. Self interest became paramount and that was the end of that

Something being made from fabric instead of plastic doesn't make it green, amirite?
@Pmbuttpics4adrawing Are you really telling me that you expect people will on average replace a reusable bag every year? That's ridiculous

Most houses I go to have plenty of them laying around that don't get used. I see 99% of grocery shoppers showing up without bags and getting plastic ones. I'd be willing to be they have 10 or so between their basements, pantries, under the sink, etc. Most people just aren't that consistent with environmentally conscious behavior.,

The world is actually not getting any less safe, but the older we get the more our childhood innocence wears off and the worse the world appears. amirite?
@bigdaddy69-4life I think the older you get you realize how unsafe it really is.

This is my point, it's not inherently anymore safe or less safe, but our own perspective and realization that danger exists.

Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie, amirite?
People have all given up trying to explain their exulansis because some times it's just easier that way, amirite?
@freq432 That's not good, feeling understood and understanding other people helps connect people, and all it takes is time...

The Beings of the Lonely and Forgotten

"In every universe there are beings which live amongst us, hidden from view, that can only be observed by stepping into the Lonely and Forgotten.

These beings sit by quietly observing, learning, and ever waiting, because they know someone will be along to visit them soon.

In fact... I'm sure you have met one of these beings at some point in your lifetime.

They would have appeared in those time which you felt most alone, for, you see, it is the task of these beings to guide us during these difficult times of our Lifes lessons.

Sometimes they do this by offering advice, encouragement, to listen, or to simply remind you that you are not alone.

Just as quickly and mysteriously as these beings appeared... they're gone; though, you don't even notice, as you're left focusing on the message that was given to you.

As time passes even the memory starts to fade like a dream. You will have even forgotten that you never got a chance to thank them...

... or maybe you had...

... what were we talking about again?"

Saying someone is 'Dead to you' isn't really accurate, since people usually soften to people after they die, amirite?

There's a lot of dead people I am happy are dead and gone. We're not talking about Grandma who made you cookies every visit.

A good climbing rope lasts 3 years, a bad climbing rope lasts your entire life. amirite?

The day I was born my grandpappy gifted me a bad climbing rope. It was a weird gift and I kept it in it's original packaging but I've still got it.