If you won a lottery Jackpot the first thing you would do is quit your job. Amirite?
A man should stop acting like a victim when a woman hits him. It is a completely different thing compared to when a man abuses a woman. Amirite?

To all the idiot women out here, when a man beats the shit out of you I will see what you will say after.

You were upset to know that Will Turner and Elizabeth won't be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, amirite?

it actually made the movie better without them!!

When you're walking down the street alone at night and you see a big white van near, you automatically assume you're about to get kidnapped, amirite?

I just run fast and prepare to sceam, just in case.

There is not life on other planets, amirite?

haha funny how you are making this versus mine :) You should read some books before you come to a such conclusion.

Hypocrites can be very annoying. amirite?

Ha, not can they ARE.

Libya is being bombed, New Zealand has been hit by earthquakes, but all people cared about was Justin Biebers new haircut, amirite?

That's a very vague statement, I for one don't give a hoot about his life. As does my sister.:)

You can't deny that you like lighting stuff on fire, amirite?

it's just so exciting..."it was here and look look!! it's not anymore!!!"..."OMG"

Megan Fox is overrated when it comes to her looks, amirite?

She is beautiful so shut up. You are just jealous so go try to fix your self esteem some place else.

It's extremely stupid and dangerous. It's also very rude, I'm going to start learning this summer and I hope no idiot does that. What if someone did that to you or your kid, you would sing a different tune then.

Stop asking "what if?" and just accept what is. amirite?
@loveisourweapon im just saying dont STAY in the past and never move on. just keep on going @134161 (Assua):

That's also very true. Use the past as your tool to pave the future. You should be more specific next time so people can understand what you were trying to say.

Just knowing something is wrong is one thing, not doing it is another.

Guys: It's annoying when girls say they like guys who tell them that they're beautiful, but when you finally tell a girl she is beautiful, she gets creeped out, amirite?

Well if a guy looks normal and doesn't come up to you in a creepy way I wouldn't find it creepy :)


Oh I see, well you probably didn't like it :)

Stop asking "what if?" and just accept what is. amirite?